Story of Asset

Meena:  Mohan, what’s the matter with you? You seem to have built a world of illusion. 
Mohan:  I’m concerned about future of our children. 
Meena:  What are you concerned about? It seems good to me! 
Mohan:  I’m thinking of setting up a big roof (house) in for them with spacious individual     room for each. There will garden for younger to plant vineyard. Our older child will have a play ground. For their children a mansion in the first floor. What do you say? 
Meena:  I don’t think that is required.
Mohan:  (Disappointed on hearing response from his wife) How about a car that they could use to drive for travel or for weekend time? Our younger one is showing lot of interest in vehicles.
Meena: I don’t think that is required.
Mohan: (Sadness and restless looming on face) How about purchasing some land so that they continue the legacy of father to cultivate?
Meena: I don’t think that is required.
Mohan: (unable to believe that his wife is unsupportive) I’m thinking of saving some money for our children. That would atleast be a great asset.
Meena: I don’t think that is required.
Mohan: (in angry) I never thought my wife would be so unsupportive on anything good I come up!
Meena: (after a moment of silence) Mohan you angry is genuine and right but you would be more disappointed in future at the age of emotional need over today.
Mohan: What did you mean by that?
Meena: You take effort of building a house in our middle of village but are you sure that children would stay with us. Do you? They might not!
The car you purchase for them will become outdated by the time they grow up. I don’t want your car to become an antique in the garage. They may like to buy new trendy and latest one!
You loved be a farmer, we yet to see if one of children would want to be a farmer. As we see, many are migrating to city.
Saving money for them would devalue their strength. Money can make them lazy, selfish and egoistic.
Mohan: But I want to do something for them. They are our children!
Meena: If you want to do something, “Don’t make asset for them, make them as a assets”. Give them a education, morals, spirituality of all religion, equality, humility, peace and love. – Santosh Avvannavar

(Idea was germinated while listening from a talk of Dr Meena Chandavarkar)


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