Story of Ritual & Love

Rohini, it’s already close to 9 pm, could you please break your fast? asks Rohan

Looking at watch Rohini replied with smile, ‘Twenty minutes for nine. And I’m in middle of prayers. Hence don’t disturb.’

‘My hunger doesn’t understand these rituals’, says Rohan trying to trick her to end fast
In meanwhile of waiting their daughter, Roshini joins them.

Mom, you should have these tasty homemade chocolates. I tried these myself, says Roshini

Rohini in dilemma over the situation between break fast and doing for just sake. Seeing too late in response Rohan grabs a chocolate and puts in mouth of his wife, Rohini. Their daughter rushes to give to their neighbors saying thank you.

Rohini was dared not to eat early but Rohan said something that her to break fast earlier than otherwise.

What did he say?

Rohan said, ‘These rituals exists to tame rebellious mind and as all religions teaches to love one another.’
(Santosh Avvannavar)


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