Mathematics Teacher

Quite early in my school I had realised that teachers understands that there exists a potential that needed to be tapped ; or not been refined and brought forward. When I scored promising marks in mathematics the teacher did a favour of altering my potential. All I had to do was to go deeper in effort, practice and not settle for second best. I knew there was no way to fool myself or them. The day 8th standard results were announced, my mathematics teacher looked deep into eyes in a serious note lifting the eyebrows and said, you did very well in mathematics. You have secured 89! It’s was a sense of pride that made me to feel worth the effort.

During 9th, in one of regular unit test I did miserable badly in my growing favourite subject mathematics. The scoldings by a caring teacher was ‘the horse is becoming donkey’. This thought enabled me to become a person that I am today. In next two years I went to top in mathematics. I could have never dared to walk into the class without a rough book, note book, box with required instruments for the class, pencil with sharpener, rubber, ink pen. But without such admonitions, I might have just survived and not thrived in my chosen field. Such higher ups expectation would actually bring potential or self true. These and several other experiences have made me believe teachers can do miracles! Maybe you could try it out on yourself or someone you believe in. Best wishes

Sr Agtha
Sr Agatha

– Santosh Avvannavar


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