Independence : 2016

Rehan good morning, get up! says Abdul

Abu, it’s five o’clock. Please allow me to sleep for another ten minutes, says Rehan trying to close himself with a blanket

Beta, please get up. Water is warm, your dress is pressed, breakfast will be on table in a moment, says Abdul

After a lazy start, Rehan had a pleasant surprise on seeing a new pair of clothes lying neatly pressed. Rehan wondered, why would dad press new clothes? Taking a quick bite with a glass of milk, we rushed to catch a bus. Since ten years Rehan has seen Abu with the same attire – kurta, pyjama, Gandhi cap, a metallic emblem on the top left side of Kurta, nicely polished shoe, and a pen neatly placed in the pocket. He looked the most happiest man on this day! But for Rehan this day had been another day. With bit of hesitation Rehan asked his reason for the happiness. Abu revealed somethings that made him rethink on various aspects. He said, “I was born some day of October 1947. I have two older brothers and a sister. To my memory, I recall my dad used to celebrate 15 August as birthdays of everyone. Like you I didn’t understand it till age 14. One day dad revealed us the real message of freedom, “It would be hard to imagine the essence of freedom for people who haven’t faced conformity (slavery). Countless people have given up their life to make our lives peaceful. The future generations are likely to remould the essence of freedom. I’m not sure if that’s going to be appropriate. I celebrate this day as birthday of us and all birthdays of people who missed or forgot to celebrate because they wanted freedom to celebrate. Unfortunately many didn’t get an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. Today we are meeting few families as their children, brother, sister or family for those who missed their freedom. Hence I insisted to leave early morning, dress in best possible attire, sweets and precious time to share.”

(After a moment of silence)

This was first time with bottom of heart Rehan held Abu’s hand and wished him, “Abu, Happy Independence Day”.
‪#‎HappyIndependenceDay‬ – Santosh Avvannavar


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