Hope is Happy


(This picture was sent by a student to help in writing for TechMahindra picture assessment round. Writer, Santosh Avvannavar has made one possible attempt of describing the picture. He believes there could be more ways of present the picture. We would be happy to see your stories too!)

Hope is a beautiful thing to aspire. Marriage is expected to amplify this because two builds hope in moments of life. Vijay and Laxmi also expected from their married life. Vijay being ambitious guy quit lucrative career in discussion with his beloved wife to pursue a career in movies. Laxmi being a supportive wife, understood his passion quite early of few years. She always dreamt of seeing him as a superstar. Vijay’s debut film made him overnight star and journey to superstar was less than ten years. While at peak of success, Vijay had an injury. The world seem standstill for a moment. Despite the odds Laxmi tried to shield the emotions to build faith in Vijay’s life. She knew acting meant life for him. She worked diligently taking support from parents, friends and kept hope to his fans. She wrote a script along with other famous writer keeping Vijay’s situation into mind. The movie showed the life of an actor who didn’t give up! The movie was well received by his fans and critics. After a year Vijay was back realising the worst has passed and his family had come out stronger.

– Santosh Avvannavar


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