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Aishwarya Damodar

She – Ekla Chalo Re – a subject matter often untouched is an intriguing story written by Santosh Avvannavar and Dr. Shayan Haq. The quest to find one’s own calling and destiny is a journey we all embark upon but how many of us actually find the answers? How the protagonist seeks it forms the crux of the story line. Highly motivational. Must Read!!

Dheena Vinoth

Thank you for sharing this book sir. It is very motivating! 

Ananya P
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This was a great book for a short read . It is different from what I generally read but I have no regrets . The writing was simple but the story was powerful and is sure to leave a lasting impact. The ending was great and unexpected . I liked that it ended with a better hope for future. Apart from a few grammatical errors, it was pretty good for a quick read. I won this book in a goodreads giveaway.

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BUGman Review

From my side, it’s 4.5/5
The authors have succeeded in keeping the narrative tone light throughout the book using simple, lucid language. The occasional gleams of humour even make you smile amidst the technical jargons used.

I highly recommended the book to the freshers who are about to start their professional life, to all the students and even to seasoned ‘bugmen’. Because, as it has been said, in IT, you learn something new each day.

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BUGman Contest

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BUGman Contest (Win Prizes) – As we share the happiness of BUGman book release (, here is most awaited contest for all the Bug page friends.

Details – Ask interesting questions to your bugman’s
Time – Contest ends 24th Sept 2016, Sat 6:00 pm

Person who asks most relevant and great questions will win a great prize. (Terms and Conditions apply **)
Note that person should have asked atleast one question each for 3 BUGmans

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