She is One Year Old

She: Ekla Cholo Re is one year today. Thanks to Rajashree Ghosh, Shayan Haq and readers. The book continue to receive promising reviews adding over 200 so far. Thank you all!

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Blurb: Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in She, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others.

Tester Life

A simple story that brings out the reality of so-called highly paid Software Engineers – to be more precise Tester Life. How the ideas are conceived and how they were being treated and what kind of sacrifice do they need to make were very well captured in this book.

For further reading: Sarath Babu’s Review

When we asked to Sarath Babu, how students/freshers may find BUGman book?
He replied, They would know the reality. They will not have an illusionary image anymore when they read this book. It brings out the reality in a polished way. It also makes sure of the point – “There is nothing in this world which is free & no one has the pleasure/privilege to relax.” Work to get paid & recognised.
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Authors’ would like to thank Sarath Babu for sharing his honest review. We appreciate his effort and time.

Kapil Sharma is My Name

imageI take the liberty of using a quote from He Who Dreams book, “A small crack in a wall, the wall might fall. A small crack in a relationship, several walls get created” to narrate the inner turmoil. This quote is near and dear to me as one such thought paralysed the self-esteem. People (several friends) find me boring, introvert but I knew internally, I’m a kind-hearted person. Home was perhaps the only shadow that gave me hope. Parents saw me as sincere, hard-working and persistent. But one thing that changed and made a stammerer for several months. Earlier I had blockage to say few words and everyone has it. A close friend remarked seeing me stammer, ‘you’re a worst stammerer’. Probably pinch from loved ones leaves a mark that has deepened with time. I never been able to forget and forgive him. My self-esteem dead dropped! This drop made incapable of book a movie ticket, say own name and date a girl. Dating, huh?!

image-2I have known three Kapils’ – Kapil Dev (Cricketer), Kapil Sharma (Comedian) and another one is me, Kapil Sharma (Fighter – to set an example). I’m saying myself as a fighter because being a stammerer has added value to my thinking – good listener and emphatic to others. Earlier I believed that stammering is a ‘unfortunate handicap’ but now no more!

Some laughed 

Some Starred 

Some Walked Away

Some Wondered 

Some Pondered 

Some Did Nothing

Some Did Everything 

Some Made Me Weak

Some Made Me Strong 

Stammering Turned Me Into a Fighter!

The story Mr Kapil Sharma is covered as a part of International Stammering Awareness Day, 22 October 2016. 

He underwent a McGuire programme to overcome the challenge.

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

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Civil Service Prep: Nithish Jayasheela

Dear Readers, Today we have Civil Service aspirant Nithish Jayasheela. He is here to share his experience on preparation and FAQ’s.

Well most of the times people would like to know, what is Civil Service?

img_20160216_184413299_hdrI guess all would know or heard of IAS and IPS officers. In technical terms, its Civil Service what they do and they are called Civil Servants. They would have passed the exam conducted by UPSC which happens once in a year and the tenure of exam is almost a year.

So the next question would be, Why Civil Service? 

If you have ever complained about roads not being good or people demanding bribe or even thinking of making changes in education policy or for that matter increasing security etc which is nothing in short doing good for the society. Then this is the Stepping Stone. Not that you can change things immediately but yes YOU could/will be the next tide of change the society can expect.

How do one prepare?

If any of you have seen The Syllabus of prelims is not more than 50-100 words. This would means everything and anything under the sun can be asked. That is being proved true more and more in recent years. The Mains and Prelims have to go Hand in Hand. Though little addition and deletion is always there.

Where to start from?

Basic Question right? Yes to begin with if you are very serious. Choose The Hindu newspaper and Study for two-three days. Record how much time you take to finish it. Then you can go to either Current Affairs or CivilsDaily ( APP/Website ) to really understand how to read or rather what to concentrate in newspaper. Skipping Editorials except if its too political would be ideal. Then one could start with NCERT books. There are plenty of suggestion from many websites. Which standard to choose? Well to tell you it depends again on your hold. These videos In Unacedemy will help you choose books: link 1 and link 2Most of the queries you can easily find answers on websites: Unacdemy, Civilsdaily, Insightsonindia or even forumias.
The preparation is rigorous. Atleast 6 hours per day is ideally required. Revise, Revise, & Revise to see success. I hope the above information will be of some importance to begin. Thanks for reading this. All the best to the aspiring future civil servant.

(BUGman team appreciate Mr Nithish Jayasheela time and effort for the information. We hope and wish a great life ahead to him and aspirants.)

Hey Hero

“Mankind would like to live and die a life of a Hero”

The way feet runs holding breathe to see the movie without missing titles from beginning. Why don’t we see students run to attend the classes? The same student run to watch the movie without a blink. Can we relate time to entertainment? Why one needs to get entertained? Perhaps changing paradigm shift call for newer approaches. If one want to live and die a life of Hero, one must become a hero! What does our Hero(ine) do in movies? They act, sing, dance, cry, laugh and so on. Can teachers be like hero(ine)?

What could possibly make one Hero(ine) of a class?

  1. Subject Knowledge
  2. Approach towards students
  3. Good heart
  4. Achievements (success of past to inspire students)
  5. Delivery (techniques)
  6. Mark (a magic wand?! nah!)

Let’s now look into components of a movie:

A movie consists of –

Characters, Story, Songs, Dance, Theme, Music and so on.

A class consists of – 

Interaction, Group Discussion, Puzzles, Role Plays, Cases, ICT, Humor, Application, Purpose, MCQ, Demo and so on.

A good movie consists of several things, can similar analogy true for a class? I feel possible true! Because the primary objective of a movie is entertain, similarly primary objective of a class is participation (from teachers perspective). In order to see a good participation a structure is vital-

  1. Introduction/Recap
  2. Content
  3. Break (?!)
  4. Content 2
  5. Summary/Assessment/ Reflection

The point 3 might seem out of context but lets not forget Indian movies demand a break too. It’s just about the interval break that leaves the viewers with a suspense/curiosity to return to their chair. It’s als
o break from a prologue. Break To Banta Hai Boss! But, why one does need a break?

‘Words are creation of man but God created sounds and visuals (nature).’ 

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman based on the presentation from Dr Nalin Vimalkumar) 

Social Influencer – Interview with Sarath Babu

Have you come across a person who fits to a figure of speech, “Jack of all trades, master of none“? A person generalist but not a specialist! I have come across one, Mr. Sarath Babu who is a blogger, poet, reviewer, news correspondent, marathoner and so on. I take a liberty of calling him as a ‘Social Influencer’ with a difference of not being just a generalist but also specialist in the task he handles. I have known smiling Sarath over a year as a book reviewer, latest one he reviewed was BUGman


Sarath Babu

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Welcome! If I had a play a game with you titled, ‘Guess Who?’ Whom would I discover? 

Sarath Babu: Good afternoon, You would find a writer in me. There isn’t any specific writer as such there is an influence by many authors from the early age. Authors’ I have liked from time to time which varies from Tamil novelists to English Greats.

Interviewer: How did the interest of reading books began? 

Sarath Babu: I got to start reading books as a kid. I do not know the real reason as to how it captured my interest. I started reading comics initially which later turned into novels and classics. I use to go to nearest old magazine/book shop (this was in late 80’s) and buy up all I could. At times, I had bought books for Rs.50 or Rs.100 which were considered a huge amount those days and I use to finish all the books in a week’s time, though I have promised my mom back then that I would keep it till my annual holidays (which usually ranged between 45-50 days)ended. At times I had to earn the money through helping mother in her house hold chores (smiles). But she never declined my plea to buy books. In nutshell, parents and teachers were supportive in nurturing this habit (smiles). 

Interviewer: Former President of India sent an appreciation for the collection of your poems. Could you brief on the poem ‘nature’ that was pointed by the President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam?

Sarath Babu: The collection of poems I had sent to the President was written by me while I was working with TCS for 4 years and had penned them during my night shifts. Unfortunately I had given it to one of my senior most colleague who yet to return the book (smiles). All I have with me is the appreciation letter from the President. (Since these poems were around 100 in numbers, it is literally not possible for me to remember or recollect)


Sarath Babu

Interviewer: Congratulation for the appreciation and feat of success. Why and how did journey with Star Vijay TV began?

Sarath Babu: (smiles ear-to-ear) Thank you! STAR Vijay TV is known for its quality of the programs and were the firsts to introduce Live Shows/Reality Shows in Tamil which was replicated by many other channels and when I saw their advert to join them, I did not give a second thought. I applied and got selected too. It began in 2013. It is continuing till date though the Digital Media Head has changed. I share a good rapport with the Digital Media team there. I feel it is my honor that thy follow me (they follow just 69 personalities among some 1 Million+ followers they have)

Interviewer: You have been versatile in roles and opportunity. What would be your last role to play before you say adieu?

Sarath Babu: I have not decided on that yet. I will continue doing these activities and may be adapt to the changes from time to time. I feel this is similar to a software professional role where one needs to constantly update his/her knowledge to stay afloat in the market. 

Interviewer: What would be your one liner about social media? 

Sarath Babu: Social media can be ethical way to grow. 

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Appreciate your time. Wishing to interview you again and best wishes for a career as a ‘Social Influencer’

Sarath Babu: Thank you too!

Mr Sarath Babu can be reached at : Social Influencer

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)



CTS Career – A Little Push: Interview with Priscilla Florence Persis. S

Dear Readers, Today we have pleasant Priscilla Florence Persis. S, campus hired & employee at CTS. She is here to share her experience on CTS campus drive and career ahead.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

photoInterviewer: Good morning Priscilla. Tell us about yourself.

Priscilla: Good morning ! I hold a graduate degree with IT as a specialisation. I’m presently working at Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), Chennai from 28 June 2016. I have two elder sisters and one elder brother. Being the youngest, I was pampered and motivation to be self-reliant came because of my sisters. One of them is HR and another one is a Project Manager. While pursuing Bachelors degree my sisters persuaded me to take up Java certification courses. After being on board at CTS I realised the importance of little push my sisters gave to complete Java courses. It’s easy to give up! (smiles)

Interviewer: Yes, I agree with you on that ‘little push’. Let’s move to our next question, why did you choose to apply for CTS?

Priscilla: Initially, I didn’t choose but rather it choose it (laughs). Just kidding! I had over 25 rejections with three offers from start-ups in between these rejections. I was never to settle for anything less hence the hunt continued. CTS was my 26th drive. I saw several rejections because of two reasons – firstly I perceived aptitude doesn’t need training but rejections from first few companies for inability to clear aptitude test was a good indicator to rework. And, secondly I took training to equip from training staff and faculty of department.

Interviewer: Yes, I also believe that training wouldn’t make you a bad person. Your persistence effort has paid off. What were the different rounds conducted?

Priscilla: (smiles) Yes, I agree. There were four rounds.

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Aptitude
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR

I was fairly good at technical courses but aptitude need that ‘little push’. Department of training and IT were very helpful.

Interviewer: That ‘little push’ seem to have worked. What is/are your take away from the process?

Priscilla: I realised that training and self-mode preparation could actually make difference to one’s success. I wish never to neglect any sort of learning in near future.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Priscilla: ‘Making Mandatory brings discipline and makes life easier.’ Training and continuous learning is the way to career development. Because companies are focused on their requirements. People with good programming, logical and analytical skills will always have opportunities. Lately companies are looking for self-mode preparation people  during training period. There might not be trainers for every component of technologies. One would need to study new framework by themselves. It’s going to be very competitive and challenging! (smiles)

Interviewer: Thank you Priscilla for sharing some interesting insights on changing paradigm. I hope it will help the readers and aspirants. Wishing you a great life and career with CTS.

Priscilla: (smiles) Thank you too!

International Stammering Awareness Day: Story of Pravin

There isn’t any definite reason, why I’m like this? This fear engulfed me may be because of the expectations of others to be normal like others. Either people like me used as a caricature for fun or allowed to doubt on our existence. People are impatient and a city like Mumbai time is a game! I often hid in a closet of fear, shame and vulnerable to open up. Coming out was difficult!

Pravin Medinikar

We don’t laugh at blind or say, hey you’re blind. Why don’t I get treated in the same way? I’m here to look out for empathy and its a basic right for any fellow. With maturity, I realised that its mind to fight out. Self-awareness and self-acceptance is beginning to a change. The more I disclose, the lighter it feels. The only a way is to show that ‘I’m a stammer.’ Quiet time to introspect was all that I needed. I realised that self-esteem was low, speech therapy practice was regularly irregular and quit early in any attempt. These often led to delay in decision. Self-introspection gave a hope to be a perfectionist and this quality led to overcome stammering challenge. I had lost a lot, didn’t want to loose further. All I needed was the right programme and right hands to grow.


People play with alphabets to make a word
Word can make or break the maker 
Come lets play word game
Alphabets are many but there is one outlet
Outlet can make you smile or shook you off 
Come lets play game of quietness 
People love making word but I loved breaking word
Play of words or words to play
Come lets play game of breaking 
A play that I often liked was hide and seek 
Hide was best and seek was scary 
Come lets play game of hide  
Sometime words played with me and sometime people’s word
Neither play of words nor people with words was my world  
Come lets play game of acceptance 

The story Mr Pravin Medinikar is covered as a part of International Stammering Awareness Day, 22 October 2016. 

He underwent a McGuire programme to overcome the challenge and he can be reached at Facebook.

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

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