About Abroad IELTS: Andrew & Akshay

Dear Readers, Today we have adaptable Andrew & ambitious Akshay, an aspirants of higher education. They are here to share their experience on IELTS.

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself?

Andrew: Hi! My name is Andrew Joseph V pursuing final year, B.E. Mechanical. I’m keen to pursue Masters in Engineering Management.


Hi! My name is Akshay pursuing final year, B.E. Mechanical. I’m keen to pursue Masters in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Interviewer: Thank you! Nice to see great smile. Let’s move to the next question, what does IELTS stand for?

Akshay: It stands for International English Language Testing System.


Interviewer: Some might wonder, why such simple question?! Could you please brief on the sections in the test?

Andrew:  (Smiles) It consists of four sections namely

Speaking : Its mostly for 13 minutes that includes 2 minutes of speech

Listening : It consists of four sections with ten questions each, totalling to 60 minutes (one hour)

Reading : It consists of three sections with 13 or 14 questions each, totalling to 60 minutes (one hour) & the final one is

Writing : It consists of two tasks, totalling to 60 minutes (one hour)

I would like to brief a lit more on each section.

Speaking: A general discussion takes place where the examiner asks multiple questions about general things. Then a spot topic is given with a minute to preparation. Then one has to speak for two minutes. Then the examiner asks questions about the topic given and grades in the scale unto 9.

Listening: An audio related questions appear on the screen to answer or need to fill out directions or questions on the passages played. It is also graded in the scale unto 9.

Reading: Passages appear with related questions. There will be about three passages. It is also graded on the scale unto 9.

Writing: As I mentioned earlier that there are two tasks. Task 1 could be to analyse the given paragraph or a picture and write about it. Task 2 is general a topic or problem is given to write the view.

Interviewer: That’s a lot! Thank you for the break-ups of each section and detailed information. How did you prepare for the test?


Akshay: A good foundation of conversational English would make the preparation easy. For IELTS, I started preparing two months prior to the date of test. I did take coaching (crash course) for a month to make sure the pattern is practised. After the crash course, I took several practice test (thinks), 20 tests for all the sections that Andrew mentioned while ago.

Interviewer: That were plenty of tests! How about you Andrew?

Andrew:  For the case was different. I had lesser time than Akshay for the preparation. But my consistent preparation couple of weeks before the test paid off (smiles). I should really thank the regular English reality shows that became handy to prepare (smiles again).

Interviewer: Do all universities accept the score?

Akshay: Certain universities located in USA accept only TOEFL instead of IELTS. However, most of them accept IELTS score.

Andrew:  I have nothing less to agree with Akshay.

Interviewer: One test could open several opportunity. What is the minimum score/cut-off asked by the universities?

Akshay: Most of the universities ask 6 band out of 9. But certain universities have their individual sectional cut-off requirement. I assume, some courses might require reading/writing skills largely. Or huge number of applications are received each year.

Interviewer: Could you please let us know your band?

Akshay: (smiles) Its 7 out of 9
Andrew:  (smiles) Its 7.5 out of 9

Interviewer: Thank you Andrew and Akshay for your inputs and time. Readers this tell us: IELTS is achievable with focus, practice and practice. I hope this was helpful. For more information one could visit: www.ielts.org

– Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman


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