Tech Mahindra Drive: Interview with Soundarya

Dear Readers, Today we have scintillating Soundarya S, Tech Mahindra campus placed student. She is here to share her experience-

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)


Interviewer: Tell us about your self.

Soundarya: Hi. I’m Soundarya pursuing undergraduate course B.E. Computer Science and Engineering. My hobbies are singing, gardening and internet surfing. I believe in punctuality and smart work. I strive for perfectionism.

Interviewer: That’s interesting! Why did you choose to apply for Tech Mahindra?

Soundarya: (Smiles) Tech Mahindra being a Day 1 company for campus drive is a dream company for campus aspirants. There has been constant motivation from trainers that has lead to participate. However, I too wished the same. There has been great relief from anxiety after the selection. Success does bring joy, it has definitely made parents proud (smiles again).


Interviewer: What are the different rounds conducted?

Soundarya: There were four rounds. The first round was online assessment that tested out Time Management skills through aptitude tests. It seemed pretty tough job to as each question gets less than a minute. Add to this there seem to have sectional cut-off. The results of this round pops on the screen in less than 15 seconds. It was a great relief of clearing the round. The second round had a picture displayed on the screen and the task was to type a passage for about 1200 words in 15 minutes. The picture I received showed a poor family where children are studying. I framed a story about hard working and positive attitude. (Readers can look at an example: click here) The third round was Technical HR where I was asked to introduce myself with several basic questions on various subjects. Most of these questions came from the resume – paper presentation, workshops, seminars, internship and inplant training. The final round was general HR. The questions were about family, passage that I attempted for round 2. I was asked if there are any questions to ask. I did ask them, ‘If I’m selected in your company in which domain will I be working for?’

Interviewer: Thanks for some interesting views. What are your take away from the process of recruitment?

Soundarya: Success of getting through the drive has given a hope. I learnt that its fine to be bold to express right views. I was appreciated incase I didn’t answer a question.

Interviewer:  What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Soundarya: I wish a great luck to get through the interview. One could focus on technical components of interview and basic programming languages could be really helpful. Being bold and confidence with calmness is going to be like icing on cake.

I was asked the following questions-

Technical HR

Tell me about yourself.

What is your contribution to the project?

Tell me about your internship/inplant training.

Describe your project in brief.

What is cloud computing?

Name the various SDLC process?

Tell me about IOT.

Draw LAN, WAN.

How computer network work?

What are different layers in network?

How does the different layers of network work?

Why everything is based on cloud?

Give me few best examples for cloud computing.

Interviewer: Thank your time and wishing a great success in Tech Mahindra. Readers, I hope this was inspiring for your preparation and tips were helpful.

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