Tech Mahindra Drive:Interview with Sriram Bharani S

Dear Readers, Today we have sociable Sriram Bharani S, a campus placed student. He is here to share his experience on Tech Mahindra campus drive and how he succeed in it.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)


Sriram Bharani ji

Interviewer: Hi Sriram. Tell us about yourself.

Sriram: Hello. I’m pursuing final year, Computer Science Engineering. Hailing from a good family background that has been very supportive. My mother has been a great motivator and instrumental. This success of placement goes to her because she put interest in learning new activities from early childhood. Mom, I hope you hear it out! (smiles) I took up the stream of Computer Science because “idea of how computer works”. It has been a great learning through seniors, juniors, faculties and books. I believe in ‘learning and sharing knowledge’.

Interviewer: Good to know some of your principles of life. Why did you choose to apply for Tech Mahindra?

Sriram: (Smiles & thinks) Sometime its required to prove a point. I certainly wanted to avoid criticism that often people would make on rejection. The only a way out was hard work. At end it was not only satisfying but also fulfilled dreams of parents. Specifically my mom is proud about the achievement! (smiles)

Interviewer: Yes, I agree! Success can bring joy. What were the different rounds conducted?

Sriram: It is scary to visit back the first round (smiles). The first was aptitude, the computer screen that would announce the result on-spot. I was scared to see windows popping ‘sorry’ message for my friends. But my hard work seem to have paid off (grins recalling the moment).

Second round consisted of an image “girl holding a pen seemed stressful” displayed on the screen. I tried best to describe (Readers can look at an example: click here). The third round had really long waiting (smiles again), the third round was technical round, which was interactive. But (pauses) there wasn’t positive goodbye. It did sound different the way then. But there was relief for getting invited to the final HR round. It was very interactive with the HR thinking I’m a North Indian. The HR misunderstood my nativity as he often referred me ‘Bharani ji’ (laughs). I think people up are called with ‘ji’ suffix. I was advised to do some look up/read on ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

I would like to share some of the questions that were asked –

Tell me about yourself.

What is domain/area of interest? Why?

Explain about the mini project.

What are the classes in SQL?

Explain OOPS concept.

Write a program to swap two numbers.

Interviewer: Look like the final round was fun. What is/are your take away from the process?

Sriram Bharani ji

Sriram: I had a best lesson was to maintain calmness throughout the process. There are likely to be stress indicators but not to loose hope. Being bold and expressive would surely help.

Interviewer: Thanks for some interesting tips! What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Sriram: A friendly advice is ‘its never too late to begin your preparation’. Carrying positive motivational thoughts like ‘I Can’ can really help to see positive outcome. Having said positive pointers let me give statutory points – avoid blabbering! One could decline politely incase doesn’t know the solution to the problem. Some questions like ‘among the dishes your mom prepares, which one is your favourite?’ might sound silly but there could be perspectives on decision-making or agility that the HR might be checking.

Interviewer: Thank you ‘Bharani ji’ oops Sriram ji for the great tips and advice on Tech Mahindra recruitment process. I hope it will help the readers. Wishing you a great career life and career ahead.

Sriram: (big smiles) Pleasure is mine! Thank you too!


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