Google Girl Aspirant

Dear Readers, Today we have ambitious Sriraksha, an aspiring programmer with a dream to work for Google. She is here to share her experience-

(Interviewer is the author of BUGman)


Interviewer: Hi! Tell me about yourself

Sriraksha: Hello! I’m Sriraksha, studying at Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, B.E., 5th Semester, Information Science. I’m interested in coding and passionate about it. Web Technology/Java are my favourite subject.

Interviewer: According to you, who is a good developer?

Sriraksha: A good developer is who understand the requirement gathering, appreciate the dynamics of customer expectations and adhere to the deadline.

Interviewer: What kind of engineer would you like to be?

Sriraksha: According BUGman book I understand there is a political motive that exists inside an organisation. I would prefer least such environment. Because I’m a kind person who loves to contribute.

Interviewer: How would your friends describe you?

Sriraksha: In quotes “Coding freak.” Especially I love web designing. Presently I’m working on a college online student portal – front end.

Interviewer: Which is your dream company?

Sriraksha: Google. I being a curious learner company like Google or Google itself is something to look for. There campus/ office seem very lovely and attractive to work.

Interviewer: What suggestions would you give to coding aspirants?

Sriraksha: Coding is one aspects of Software engineers. There are multiple avenues to explore. I have come across people who don’t like coding. Copy and paste from open source just doesn’t work. Basic and strong foundation of programming language like C will be an ideal case to consider. Regular coding using the online and offline resources would be of great help.

Interviewer: Could you relate to BUGman book?

Sriraksha: As a student some section were like learning lesson for me. For examples, structure of industry, how to deal with people, character Sa (Sachin) being my favourite had a lesson to learn. I would rate BUGman book 4.5 out of 5!

Interviewer: Could you tell us the reference material you use?

Web references:



The complete reference C++, Herbert Schildt

Herbert Schildt: Java – The Complete Reference, 9th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill, 2014

Interviewer: Thank your time and wishing a great success in career. Wishing you to interview while you being at Google in near future. Readers, I hope this was inspiring and helpful.


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