Tech Mahindra Drive: Interview with SMBK

Dear Readers, Today we have spirited & smiling SriManikandan Bala Krishnan (SMBK), a campus hiree. He is here to share his experience on Tech Mahindra campus drive and how he nailed it.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

SriManikandan Bala Krishnan (SMBK)

Interviewer: Hi SriManikandan. Tell us about yourself.

SMBK: Hello everyone! I’m pursuing final year, Computer Science Engineering. I’m active member in external and internal bodies like NSS, MUN, Rotract unity, Illaya Karangal and Act on Dreams. I love to organise events, conference and symposiums.

Interviewer: That’s lot of activities. That makes you spirited person. On a lighter note, what do you drink/eat to have such energy? Let’s move to next question, why did you choose to apply for Tech Mahindra?

SMBK: Thanks for the compliment (smiles). Coming to your question, my career objective is to associate with a social development sector which could enhance skills, set a higher standards/expectations. This would make the life pleasant and beautiful. I believe Tech Mahindra could be one of those place to contribute for the societal benefits.

Interviewer: Thats a unique perspective of career choice. What were the different rounds conducted?

SMBK: (smiles) After the pre-placement talk was the aptitude which compromised of verbal, quantitative and reasoning with medium to difficult level of questions given. Clearing the first round was a great relief (gives a broad smiles). Second round was to type a passage based on the perception based on a picture. The image I received was ‘speaker struggling to start his speech before a gathering’. I could nail this round because of active participation in MUN and others. The third round was Technical HR, the questions were pertaining to courses studied. The final round was mostly checking the Communication skills. The questions came from resume related to workshops, conference, mini project and special achievements. It was a great moment of getting placed along with other seven students of my class (smiles).

During technical round I was asked questions pertaining to syntax, programming, difference between internet/intranet, object oriented concepts like polymorphism & inheritance. Being strong at data structure, it was very handy to answer questions on SQL.

While in HR round I was asked questions on mini project, special achievement such as “Mr. Arista” title winner, about a workshop at NIT, paper presentation, world record workshop that was for a social development and others.

Interviewer: Your active participation seem to have paid off. What is/are your take away from the process?


SMBK: Yes, active participations played a vital role. Patience and confidence played an important role too. There were large number of students attending the campus drive. Strong foundation of basic were also important to clear the technical round. One need to answer the questions boldly otherwise it will go with a saying, ‘being speechless even though you know the stuff, then it will be useless’.

Interviewer: That’s an interesting quote! What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

SMBK: Constant learning and daily practice (aptitude) are strong indicators to the improvement. This is a key to success! “It is never late to start anything new.” So start today, success is awaited.

Interviewer: Thank you SMBK for sharing on Tech Mahindra recruitment process with all enthusiasm. I hope it will help the readers and aspirants. Wishing you a great life and career with Tech Mahindra.

SMBK: (grins) Pleasure is mine! I’m happy if this could inspire or make a difference to others. Thank you too!


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