Pillow: My Love 


“Some disorders can be understood and can be diagnosed. 

Some disorders are understood and can be neglected. 

Some disorders are never understood and can be humiliated.” 

 My story belongs to the final one to begin. Till the age of 12 I wasn’t aware of stuttering issue or didn’t know that one who couldn’t get through a word is known as ‘stutter’. My first unforgettable experience was during my sister marriage while her in-laws made fun of me. My mother showed submissive nature rather being assertive during such occasion. But, what else she could do?

Acceptance is something that a mankind strives the entire life! To prove I’m not a stutter an opportunity knocked the door at the age of 14. I thought to be a class representative with support of three friends of a class. But my teacher declined it thinking I’m unfit to be one! How could I have explained to the teacher? But, what else the teacher could do?

Hope is something one needs to keep it alive! I fell in love with a girl at the age of 18. She avoid with the thought of knowing that if I couldn’t get through my name, how would I say three golden words, ‘I Love You’? But, what else the girlfriend could do?

A person told me, ‘Persistence pays off!’ Whenever I went out with friends for a movie? I tried to initiate the talk. Before I could get through the complete word, my friends would complete it for me. Blocking, huh?! (Taking a piece of meal from the mouth) But, what else they could do?

What else no one could do? 

My pillow did that to me! 

My pillow knows the truth. 

My tears are the witness to it! 

My pillow, My love!

My pillow knows the truth.

This was article written as the part of ‘Improvement Day Programme’ of McGuire Programme conducted by Yeshwanth Darma Dev.

Mr Karthickeyan P can be reached to know his personal experience with McGuire team: Facebook

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

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