Vowel : My Love & Saviour

Sabarish A

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

When I couldn’t begin or get through a word during a class, teacher asked me,’why are you acting?’ Acting, huh?! Will someone be interested in casting me? I thought schools could solve problems beyond black board but its all about ‘2*1=2’. School life seem to have complicated my situation than otherwise.

Home was no different in handling it! To me ‘HOME’ was, Head of the family (father), Mother, Elders & Orphan (me!). Don’t hang to the word ‘orphan’ but hang to the feelings! Elders advised to visit all the temples on earth. ‘All?’ asked myself. Even several re-births wouldn’t be sufficient to please them! Before I could break down with asking for solving problem, parents broken down with financial challenges. Thank God for it!

Self-made & proclaimed intellectual people advised my parents newspaper reading could solve the problem. Why one takes free advises so seriously? Perhaps parents were hoping me to become a newsreader. Would anyone hire me?

When these tricks and tips didn’t work, I was given an additional responsibility,‘shopping’. It was scare because one had to talking while buying. But my mind was smart, as a stutter these years had taught me only vowel words were comfortable to say without any hitch. Whenever I was asked to buy atta (flour), with a great smile I would ask the shop keeper, ‘Anna, Ashirwad atta’ (loosely translates to Brother, give me Ashirwad brand flour). I would walk back with honour and glory of not being a stutter!

Vowel you made victorious during trails
Vowel love of stutterers
Vowel you vow to wow stutterers
Vowel love of stutterers
Vowel my love & saviour

This was article written as the part of ‘Improvement Day Programme’ of McGuire Programme conducted by Yeshwanth Darma Dev.

Mr Sabarish A can be reached to know his personal experience with McGuire team: Facebook


5 thoughts on “Vowel : My Love & Saviour

  1. It is Happy to hear people’s are motivate to speak with unknown persons, It is a good Initiative, and Try finished with Success. All the Best, Be Postive.. Keep practicing…

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