Make a Mark: Lenin Veera Pandiyan

“Nothing comes easily to mankind, one need to sweat the brow to make a mark”

Lenin Veera Pandiyan

My name is Lenin Veera Pandiyan and I choose IT as a graduate studies. During studies, I received an opportunity (through referral) to do an internship at TCS, Trivandrum. I realised referral does make a difference in learning and growing. This gave a lead to associate with 360i Technologies as a part-time developer later during academics. I was in good terms with seniors’ and one among them who was a Microsoft student partner. Seeing the positive impact on personal and career perspective, I made an application for Microsoft student partner program along with 100 other students. I was one among ten to be selected to the final round. I made it to the top as a ‘Microsoft student partner’ and the association was till the graduation.

It was just an association but at 360i Technologies exposure was great because I worked  from the scratch to develop an app (similar like share it app) in assistance with a friend. Some of the apps that I developed are available Blackberry store ; Opera Mobile store & Microsoft.  I never tried to borrow or buy a project that is often seem easiest way to do so. These all have led to begin a career at Infosys. This was all possible because parents trusted on my decision. Management and teachers of the institution supported that lead to begin a career.
Digital Literacy Program

Because the date of joining was a year from the selection, I did to use the time for meaningful work. During this period I continued to work with 360i in possible tasks such as developer, assisting them in marketing/sales and exploring with new projects. This association led them to visit my graduate college to recruit juniors.

Lenin with Dr. G Nammalvar

During leisure time I associated with a NGO to help the agriculture students to understand the technologies and ways to connect to the need. This has lead to meet Dr. G Nammalvar who was into organic farming. I had never known him prior but interest to associate and bring a required change lead to know him. Glad to have met him who was humble and down to earth. He passed away in 2013. After this I covered three schools under digital literacy programme to induce the interest to learn the technologies.

My team lead & Manager was a good mentor who encouraged to observe and practice (hands-on). This form of learning as a fresher was encouraging. Under his guidance and nurturing helped me to be a good performer and that effort got me a Insta Award. Apart from technical contribution I involved in employee engagement. I also got to learn French (smiles). After the training at Mysore I was posted at Hyderabad.
Organic Farming

I joined other two clubs – cycling and eco. My earlier experience of organic farming came handy. We have quarterly events that invites people who would like to showcase their organic products. Later I joined CSR Mamta club which runs a school for slum children.

I’m not a hero on screen
I’m not a warrior at LOC
I’m not a fighter in a ring
I’m not a __________
But I’m a person to ‘Make a Mark’
Lenin Veera Pandiyan can be reached at Youtube and Facebook.
(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

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