Photography : An Interview with Arvind

Dear Readers, Today we have ever-smiling Arvind and he is here share his love towards photography and future aspirations.

(Interviewer is the author of BUGman)


Arvind Ravishankar

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself

Arvind: Hi! I’m presently pursuing 1st year B.E. Computer Science at JSS, Bengaluru. I love Photography, Sarcasm, and Cricket (all rounder). I chose CSE because of interest towards Robotics and coding. I want to be a good engineer with hands-on experience and  wants to acquire knowledge that could be from anywhere.

How did photography began?

Arvind: (grins) Dad gifted a cam and that was beginning. I love to cover Sunrise, Sunset and nature.


Interviewer: All thanks to your dad for triggering interest. How would your friends describe you?

Arvind: Yes, I’m very grateful to dad. My friends would say, ‘I’m a funny guy!’

Interviewer: Let me take the liberty of calling you, ‘Funny Fellow’. Which is your dream company?

Arvind: My own company (smiles). I like to be independent and be an individual contributor. I think one should follow their heart.

Interviewer: You were part of BUGman book launch. Could you relate to BUGman book as afreshman?



Arvind: (Thinks) Not completely at moment but in future I might. As some part of the book might be relevant as I progress in studies and career.

Interviewer: Thank you for the honest feedback. What is/are principles of your life?

Arvind: ‘Help people in anyway’ and ‘Be happy with whatever you get and have.’

Interviewer: These are beautiful and positive thoughts! Thank you for time and appreciate your support. Wishing you a great life and career ahead.

Arvind: Thank you too!





Arvind can be reached at arvind_ravishankar  (AG47) on Instagram



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