International Stammering Awareness Day: Story of Rishabh

The story Mr Rishabh Panchamia is covered as a part of International Stammering Awareness Day, 22 October 2016. 

“Problems in life are like graudation, one need to pass it.” 


As my feet runs holding breathe to see the movie from the beginning including titles. Siren of school didn’t attract me in the same way. Why they didn’t run? One problem can halt the life or its thinking of the problem that brings the tasks to halt. But I didn’t know where the problem came from? I had won ‘Best Poem Reciting’ competition at junior school. A reciter became mum! I don’t remember how it all began, but it began.

I was asked to answer a question by a teacher. I tried hard to mutter a word but they didn’t spell magic and a tight slap was the result. Tears rolled through like a water fall that fond comfort in mam’s arm. Though the teacher was apologetic on knowing the fact, that now known as a ‘I’m a stammerer.’ After several years seated on a chair, I wonder, why do teachers ask questions? Even if they had to ask, why do they expect a quick response? Can’t they wait to hear? After all, I’m not a Superman!

This questioning didn’t just stop in classroom but continued at home. During coffee table conversation with parents and relatives that often me divided rather than added to the circle because they didn’t have patience to hear me through. Why would people take pie out of my mouth? After all, I’m not a supersonic jet!


Change is expected to bring change in ones’ lives! Personality development is mantra of colleges to make us a warrior. I was asked to make a presentation to the class. I couldn’t progress more than ‘aaa’ sound. I was starred as if a animal is kept in a cage.

Students’ like me could escape from several situation that demands talking but one place its very challenging, viva-voce! Such opportunity examiners enjoy, I was indicated that I need to specialise the lab once again by repeating the lab examination the next year. I felt insulted and humiliated to the core for my inability to answer or speak up! I’m slow in something, aren’t we all in something?

Oh creator, why did you create us different?

This difference has led us to be different

Oh creator, you made man and woman to multiple 

This multiplication has caused division 

Oh creator, you gave will power to mankind 

This power has lost patience 

Oh creator, you made all human

This human has turned some animal

Oh creator, why did you create us different? 



About Me: Rishabh Panchamia, Diploma in Civil Engineering, dreams to be interior (bathroom) designer. He has passion for Snooker and dreams to be a national champion. He believes in ‘never give up!’ attitude. He was a stammerer and appeals to ‘normal’ people to be patient if they come across a stammerers. He also appeals stammerers to be open about the challenge because the way to get out of fear is face it. One might be knocked down but victory is not far. He underwent a McGuire programme to overcome the challenge and he can be reached at Facebook.

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

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