International Stammering Awareness Day: Story of Pravin

There isn’t any definite reason, why I’m like this? This fear engulfed me may be because of the expectations of others to be normal like others. Either people like me used as a caricature for fun or allowed to doubt on our existence. People are impatient and a city like Mumbai time is a game! I often hid in a closet of fear, shame and vulnerable to open up. Coming out was difficult!

Pravin Medinikar

We don’t laugh at blind or say, hey you’re blind. Why don’t I get treated in the same way? I’m here to look out for empathy and its a basic right for any fellow. With maturity, I realised that its mind to fight out. Self-awareness and self-acceptance is beginning to a change. The more I disclose, the lighter it feels. The only a way is to show that ‘I’m a stammer.’ Quiet time to introspect was all that I needed. I realised that self-esteem was low, speech therapy practice was regularly irregular and quit early in any attempt. These often led to delay in decision. Self-introspection gave a hope to be a perfectionist and this quality led to overcome stammering challenge. I had lost a lot, didn’t want to loose further. All I needed was the right programme and right hands to grow.


People play with alphabets to make a word
Word can make or break the maker 
Come lets play word game
Alphabets are many but there is one outlet
Outlet can make you smile or shook you off 
Come lets play game of quietness 
People love making word but I loved breaking word
Play of words or words to play
Come lets play game of breaking 
A play that I often liked was hide and seek 
Hide was best and seek was scary 
Come lets play game of hide  
Sometime words played with me and sometime people’s word
Neither play of words nor people with words was my world  
Come lets play game of acceptance 

The story Mr Pravin Medinikar is covered as a part of International Stammering Awareness Day, 22 October 2016. 

He underwent a McGuire programme to overcome the challenge and he can be reached at Facebook.

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

Three other articles on same theme were covered earlier. The links to the article can be found here:


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