Youngest Book Reviewer

(BUGman authors’ are thrilled and happy to receive the book review of BUGman. Shreyas B Joshi 6th Standard RNS Vidyaniketan School read BUGman twice and wrote the review). 

Overview: BUGman cubicle life and beyond its an interesting book about the work of software engineers its about technical subject how IT members work and how is the management of the companies all these things we can learn through this book. One of the author is my uncle Sachin Kodagli and his friend Santhosh Avvannavar. The book editor is Rajashree Ghosh and Proof Readers are Prasanna Desai, Shilpa Patil, Bharath Kumar and Jeevan. Because of all these members contribution now this book has achieved a great success and now the book is available at Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and many more.

Shreyas Joshi with Sa(chin) Author of BUGman

The book  has classified chapters as weeks (Week 0 to Week 6). Week 0 – introducing Sa and Sa as two characters as they are the authors respective names, Sachin and Santosh. In this week each one has his story, for example Santosh conveys that grading doesn’t tell ones appearance but talent shows everything were as Sachin conveys that grading is important this helps students to benchmark and get to know about their weaknesses.

Week 1-“Identifying Einsteins”, this means identifying the candidates who are more intelligent. In this week we are going to learn what are the different positions that the company is planning to hire. The team in which Sachin and Santosh are working has Mr.Murthy as their head, whom Santosh dislike. We learn about framework and other technical skills. As Murthy tells in the meeting to take more candidates for the new project junior, senior and architect positions.

Week 2 -“Pantry talkies”,which means the candidates who talk about their families and friends. As Santosh is working from home after the lunch Murthy dials sachin and tells I will join you after five minutes and he asks Santosh to join us because there is a meeting all of a sudden. Santosh dislike unplanned meetings. In this meeting, Murthy enquiry on the status of  CV’s  that were to be shortlisted.

Week 3-“TGIF and weekend work”, on friday Santosh says in excitement thank god its friday (tgif) cannot wait for the weekend. But hardworking Sachin reminds on the hiring task. Sachin inquired do you know three new joinees are going yo join our interview panel. Santhosh asked out of curiosity who are they? Rahul, Tina and Anjali! Three new characters join the fun of BUGman. Murthy discuss on the CV’s and  updates that HR has sent few more on the initial phone screens. Around 6-8 for junior and senior positions and 4 for architect role.

Week 4-“The Day”, Saturday the hiring day for the CV’s. On a lighter note, Santosh asked Sachin whom do you think Rahul loves Tina or Anjali. A quick pat comes from Sachin, “We can get to know by getting the wedding invitation from one of them.” Another such moment when the interview has begun, Santosh asks for the candidate, Which college have you graduate from ? So the candidate replies, Malla Appa Putta Pakka College at Kadukol. Santosh says to himself, why do people keep such funny name? For the next question on training, the candidate tells he underwent training from a centre called Roopam training center at Kadukol to which Santosh says to himself I think this is company of a saree manufacturing. In this chapter we get to know about what are the possible questions in the interviews we need to always carry the resume to the interviews. In the interviews they check the basics, Communication Skills, Automation and Authors views are important here.

Week 5-“Short Listing”, its a Tuesday morning Santosh is back after using his comp off as well some of the team members. Murthy has sent a mail requesting for all the data on the candidates interviews for the Saturday event according to the interview panel they have selected some for junior and some are on hold. For the senior QE three are not selected, one is on hold and one is selected. For an Architect position one is selected and one is not. It’s late Thursday evening; Sachin and Santosh are busy having their usual chat session while having snacks. The shortlisting process was over and everyone seems to be happy.

Week 6 -“Onboard and Fun”, HR (Sandy) in a discussion program with Murthy and Reena. They decided to keep the induction after two weeks. The induction day there were sessions from Sachin and Santosh on overall QE processes with pizzas on the menu for the team.

This is a very interesting and amazing book.  I felt there are jokes and seriousness this book tells a lot about the IT companies and about people management. I have read this twice and this has triggered an interest to know about technical subjects.

I thank Sa & Sa for giving us a very interesting book. You both are my inspiration, write many more books in the future.

Thank you!




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