Social Influencer – Interview with Sarath Babu

Have you come across a person who fits to a figure of speech, “Jack of all trades, master of none“? A person generalist but not a specialist! I have come across one, Mr. Sarath Babu who is a blogger, poet, reviewer, news correspondent, marathoner and so on. I take a liberty of calling him as a ‘Social Influencer’ with a difference of not being just a generalist but also specialist in the task he handles. I have known smiling Sarath over a year as a book reviewer, latest one he reviewed was BUGman


Sarath Babu

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Welcome! If I had a play a game with you titled, ‘Guess Who?’ Whom would I discover? 

Sarath Babu: Good afternoon, You would find a writer in me. There isn’t any specific writer as such there is an influence by many authors from the early age. Authors’ I have liked from time to time which varies from Tamil novelists to English Greats.

Interviewer: How did the interest of reading books began? 

Sarath Babu: I got to start reading books as a kid. I do not know the real reason as to how it captured my interest. I started reading comics initially which later turned into novels and classics. I use to go to nearest old magazine/book shop (this was in late 80’s) and buy up all I could. At times, I had bought books for Rs.50 or Rs.100 which were considered a huge amount those days and I use to finish all the books in a week’s time, though I have promised my mom back then that I would keep it till my annual holidays (which usually ranged between 45-50 days)ended. At times I had to earn the money through helping mother in her house hold chores (smiles). But she never declined my plea to buy books. In nutshell, parents and teachers were supportive in nurturing this habit (smiles). 

Interviewer: Former President of India sent an appreciation for the collection of your poems. Could you brief on the poem ‘nature’ that was pointed by the President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam?

Sarath Babu: The collection of poems I had sent to the President was written by me while I was working with TCS for 4 years and had penned them during my night shifts. Unfortunately I had given it to one of my senior most colleague who yet to return the book (smiles). All I have with me is the appreciation letter from the President. (Since these poems were around 100 in numbers, it is literally not possible for me to remember or recollect)


Sarath Babu

Interviewer: Congratulation for the appreciation and feat of success. Why and how did journey with Star Vijay TV began?

Sarath Babu: (smiles ear-to-ear) Thank you! STAR Vijay TV is known for its quality of the programs and were the firsts to introduce Live Shows/Reality Shows in Tamil which was replicated by many other channels and when I saw their advert to join them, I did not give a second thought. I applied and got selected too. It began in 2013. It is continuing till date though the Digital Media Head has changed. I share a good rapport with the Digital Media team there. I feel it is my honor that thy follow me (they follow just 69 personalities among some 1 Million+ followers they have)

Interviewer: You have been versatile in roles and opportunity. What would be your last role to play before you say adieu?

Sarath Babu: I have not decided on that yet. I will continue doing these activities and may be adapt to the changes from time to time. I feel this is similar to a software professional role where one needs to constantly update his/her knowledge to stay afloat in the market. 

Interviewer: What would be your one liner about social media? 

Sarath Babu: Social media can be ethical way to grow. 

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Appreciate your time. Wishing to interview you again and best wishes for a career as a ‘Social Influencer’

Sarath Babu: Thank you too!

Mr Sarath Babu can be reached at : Social Influencer

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)




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