Civil Service Prep: Nithish Jayasheela

Dear Readers, Today we have Civil Service aspirant Nithish Jayasheela. He is here to share his experience on preparation and FAQ’s.

Well most of the times people would like to know, what is Civil Service?

img_20160216_184413299_hdrI guess all would know or heard of IAS and IPS officers. In technical terms, its Civil Service what they do and they are called Civil Servants. They would have passed the exam conducted by UPSC which happens once in a year and the tenure of exam is almost a year.

So the next question would be, Why Civil Service? 

If you have ever complained about roads not being good or people demanding bribe or even thinking of making changes in education policy or for that matter increasing security etc which is nothing in short doing good for the society. Then this is the Stepping Stone. Not that you can change things immediately but yes YOU could/will be the next tide of change the society can expect.

How do one prepare?

If any of you have seen The Syllabus of prelims is not more than 50-100 words. This would means everything and anything under the sun can be asked. That is being proved true more and more in recent years. The Mains and Prelims have to go Hand in Hand. Though little addition and deletion is always there.

Where to start from?

Basic Question right? Yes to begin with if you are very serious. Choose The Hindu newspaper and Study for two-three days. Record how much time you take to finish it. Then you can go to either Current Affairs or CivilsDaily ( APP/Website ) to really understand how to read or rather what to concentrate in newspaper. Skipping Editorials except if its too political would be ideal. Then one could start with NCERT books. There are plenty of suggestion from many websites. Which standard to choose? Well to tell you it depends again on your hold. These videos In Unacedemy will help you choose books: link 1 and link 2Most of the queries you can easily find answers on websites: Unacdemy, Civilsdaily, Insightsonindia or even forumias.
The preparation is rigorous. Atleast 6 hours per day is ideally required. Revise, Revise, & Revise to see success. I hope the above information will be of some importance to begin. Thanks for reading this. All the best to the aspiring future civil servant.

(BUGman team appreciate Mr Nithish Jayasheela time and effort for the information. We hope and wish a great life ahead to him and aspirants.)


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