Kapil Sharma is My Name

imageI take the liberty of using a quote from He Who Dreams book, “A small crack in a wall, the wall might fall. A small crack in a relationship, several walls get created” to narrate the inner turmoil. This quote is near and dear to me as one such thought paralysed the self-esteem. People (several friends) find me boring, introvert but I knew internally, I’m a kind-hearted person. Home was perhaps the only shadow that gave me hope. Parents saw me as sincere, hard-working and persistent. But one thing that changed and made a stammerer for several months. Earlier I had blockage to say few words and everyone has it. A close friend remarked seeing me stammer, ‘you’re a worst stammerer’. Probably pinch from loved ones leaves a mark that has deepened with time. I never been able to forget and forgive him. My self-esteem dead dropped! This drop made incapable of book a movie ticket, say own name and date a girl. Dating, huh?!

image-2I have known three Kapils’ – Kapil Dev (Cricketer), Kapil Sharma (Comedian) and another one is me, Kapil Sharma (Fighter – to set an example). I’m saying myself as a fighter because being a stammerer has added value to my thinking – good listener and emphatic to others. Earlier I believed that stammering is a ‘unfortunate handicap’ but now no more!

Some laughed 

Some Starred 

Some Walked Away

Some Wondered 

Some Pondered 

Some Did Nothing

Some Did Everything 

Some Made Me Weak

Some Made Me Strong 

Stammering Turned Me Into a Fighter!

The story Mr Kapil Sharma is covered as a part of International Stammering Awareness Day, 22 October 2016. 

He underwent a McGuire programme to overcome the challenge.

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

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