Dell R & D – Suhas J

Dear Readers, Today we have Suhas Jayasheela campus recruited student from UVCE. He is here to share his experience on Dell campus drive.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

Suhas Jayasheela (in white T-shirt)

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself.

Suhas: I’m presently pursuing final year Computer Science Engineering from UVCE, Bengaluru. I love sports, coding, puzzles and sudoku. I choose CSE branch because of vast opportunities and UVCE offered space for intellectual and personal development growth. If I hadn’t become an engineer then I would have chosen Veterinary.

Interviewer:  Why did you choose Dell R & D?

Suhas: I had kept an eye on the developments that were taking places with organisation that work with cloud computing. Dell was one of the dream company to work for. As far reviews go, the company provides work-life balance! (smiles) I was preparing for the recruitment aptitude and technical since sometime.

Interviewer: Could you tell us on rounds?

image-5Suhas: The recruitment process consisted of 3 rounds basically

1. Online Test
2. Technical interview
3. HR interview
1. Online Test (60 mins) :
All questions were MCQ’s
This test had 2 sections
a) General aptitude: Logical aptitude and English/Verbal aptitude constituted 30 questions out of 60.
> General aptitude had some time consuming questions. This section had questions on data interpretation and data analytics questions as well.
> The logical aptitude questions were also time consuming which had analytical puzzles and other logical questions.
b) Technical aptitude: It constituted 30 questions which had questions related to computer networks, data structures, pointers in C, output of the programs and there were two questions on microprocessor and one from microcontroller.
> This technical aptitude had lengthy programs for which we had to find the correct output and select one option.
2. Technical Interviews
a) Technical Interview 1: It basically was reserved for knowing about your project and what have you done in it.
> Questions on the projects were asked which were mentioned in the CV.
> Was asked about the DBMS project a lot. More of ‘why’ questions were asked about the project.
b) Technical interview 2: It was based on testing your knowledge in the subject’s and to test some coding and logical thinking skills.
> here we are asked on the subject’s of interest mentioned in resume and we are asked “which subjects are we interested in and the coding languages we are comfortable with”. The immediate question which follows this would be “why do you like that particular subject”.
> So some of the questions on data structures, operating system and computer networks would be asked.
Operating system questions were stressed upon and some questions were like ” How can you test that the OS has booted properly “.
> we were asked to code couple of programs: I was asked a program on how to reverse singly linked list recursively and how to implement stack using linked list logic.
>Difference between IPv4 and IPv6
Suhas with friends

3. HR Interviews

This round seemed simple but had critical questions to be answered. I had to choose a profile that suit to the aspirations. I had to reason out the need to work for Dell. Passion (eagerness) was checked.
Interviewer: That’s a lot! What suggestion do you give for future aspirants?
Suhas: Be honest and present views that are known. Strengthen on the fundamentals. Present passion of coding through logical thinking, and responding to the situations. These will add up the determination to be part of each one’s dream company. There is no shortcut than ‘practice’.

Interviewer: Thank you Suhas for sharing great insights. I hope it will help the readers and aspirants. Wishing you a great life and career with Dell R & D.

Suhas: (smiles) Thank you too!

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