Rahul Gandhi – ‘He Who Dreams’Book launch – Dream

For an author a good publishing house, a good story, apt person to launch and promising reviews makes a journey of book writing a memorable. Standing next to Mr. Rahul Gandhi made me smile ear-to-ear. The anxious moments of book launch with crowding go hay way trying to get glimpse of Mr Gandhi. I had never witnessed the crowd like this in my entire life! As he opened the book ‘He Who Dreams’, there were thunderstorm clapping that made rounds and rounds. He extended a copy to me to give an autograph. I was awe stuck with his gratitude. He read few pages being seated next to me and appreciated some quotes. I know such things are rare to happen. As he stood to leave and embrace to sign off wishing a good luck! I stood like a waxed doll of a museum to open the eye to realise it was a dream 🙂 !

I wondered, how Mr Gandhi could come to into the dream? Maybe it is that he popping on TV like Santa and its Christmas time! Or as I have rightly said in Umbilical Cord, “This would be the first ‘dream’ book launch that would be known as – ‘Heights of a writer’. Whatever the case, I have decided to send a copy of ‘He Who Dreams’ to OfficeOfRG.May be some dreams will become a reality! 🙂 Are you listening, Mr Gandhi, ehh?!




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