LOC for Native Bull

16237064_1582632488432673_369850341_nLet us think about the bull. For several years bulls weren’t seen as dangerous or harmful and how come they have become fricking terrifying animals all of sudden for ‘some’? If one had to agree to ‘some’, we’re terming the animal as murderers. By creating a war by ‘some’ has given rise to a feeling that they no longer had a place in our civilisation, hence they ought to be cleared (slaughtered?!). ‘Larger some’ has never feared or hated but always wanted to give a big hug.
Last few years that I have been really curious the way we think, feel and understand about animals. ‘Large some’ have started to realise and understand extinction of animals that was close to nature and nurtured by the man-kind. Human (‘Large some’) have sympathy because they see reflection in it. Perhaps this has to do with cultural dimension on feeling about the animals. As majority of ‘Large some’ is urbanising, the cultural dimension seemed to have buried deep down in making livelihood but not forgotten. ‘Large some’ were always wanted to empathise and show compassion to the animals that were close to their ancestors that meant no harm in real sense. They knew their culture is alive until a situation ‘some’ intervened and changed the image of the animal in ‘Large some’ minds.
The ‘Large some’ knew the delicacy of possible deaths or victims because of the sport but that in itself cannot be a conclusion because no sports come full proof! For that reason life itself doesn’t come with full proof. Neither those injuries or deaths out of sportsmanship have played a blame game. If ‘some’ are trying to put them/it in a back burner would be absolute flop in a voting country. It’s not just about power game but a time to help the ‘Large some’ compassion towards that is deep rooted otherwise will remain unsettling if ‘some’ don’t help in the survival of the animals they look up! The line that between ‘large some’ and ‘some’ might seem blurred but emotion matters.
Writer is the Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re ; BUGman and He Who Dreams

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