3WT : Badhri Interview Experience

Dear Readers, Today we have Ace Badhri N, a campus recruited candidate. He is here to share his experience on 3W Technologies Pvt. Ltd. campus drive, how he succeeded.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

badri1Interviewer: Good evening Mr. Badhri! Tell me about yourself ?

Badhri: Good evening. I hail from Theni. Did my education in hometown at a government aided school. My father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker. I choose Mechanical department as several things inspired. Father is into a business of selling automobile spare parts. I was fascinated in understanding design and fabrication of those spare parts. This drew me to academics with will power to learn and unlearn. Co-curricular  activities like paper presentation at NIT Trichy that gave me a platform to begin the journey of hope! My consistent academic records (academic topper) ; my love towards cricket winning till zonal level. Interest towards sports is also due credit to my father, as he was athlete player and also a college champion.

Interviewer: Good to know that your father, good academics and sports were integral part of your life. Why did you choose to apply to 3WT?

Badhri: (Thinks) I was clear to take up a job in a core organisation. The position is, ‘Design Engineer’, that is what I was looking at!

Interviewer: Taking up a role defines passion towards one goal. What were the different rounds conducted? Could you also share your experience on training phase?

Bhadri: There were four rounds. Round one is a technical test. My good academics did help me to clear the round that had basics from engineering courses. Round two is design drawing. I was provided with 2D drawing sheet to us. Though the drawing seem complex from the first look but design knowledge, courses related to design were handy to clear the round. Round three is group discussion. The topic was “Position of film industry in India.” I jotted few right quick points to use them during discussion. My fair communication skills did help in cracking the round. The final round is Technical and HR. Questions were based out of resume. This round was easy because of my earlier participations in SAE India event held at Delhi. Questions were pertaining to project; why to you prefer this job?; listing of achievement; salary expectation. I presented true scenario to the questions.

badri2Interviewer: Lot of hard work. What is /are take away from the process?

Bhadri: There was waiting but it ended all well. For me, core job will give me greater satisfaction. I think interviewer expectations would be the approach towards the ‘question’ rather than ‘answers’.

Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

Bhadri: (Thinks)  My suggestion to the aspirants is to believe in your academics. I have delight to tell that have an interest with your core. Give a complete effort until you achieve. Never give up on your goal! Were there is a will, there is a way!

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the valuable time and information. Wishing you a great career ahead with 3WT

Bhadri: Thank you too!


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