Thoughts to Lighten Up!

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t. Life isn’t about never making mistakes. It’s about being able to grow from the ones we do make. Yes..You will make mistakes, because Life doesn’t come with instructions.

Wall built by someone isn’t an excuse to build a bridge. Tit for tat isn’t the way. Let us not trade our goodness. The bridge is built to provide an opportunity to get ahead of others and not get even with them. – Santa Santosh Avvvannavar

Life is beautiful if I accept myself as I’m. Instead of asking others to change, can I approach in other way? Because the question of whose mistake is it; will remain a question for life! Life would be beautiful!

Life isn’t about getting what we can handle. Life teaches us to handle what we are given. Hurdles are there to jump over not to stand in front and wonder. Only you can take the responsibility to make your own life beautiful. The toughest soldiers always see the worst battles, that’s what makes them heroes.

Just a stone isn’t worth of a penny or attention of passerby. It’s worth is valued if it’s willing to be chiselled. Making into ‘top’ in life isn’t easier. The choice we make comes at a cost. If you choose to go by two wheeler or four wheeler, one has to accept the traffic jams. Similarly one could choose to be a history reader or a history maker. Choice is always yours! – Santa Santosh Avvvannavar

‘Joy’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Sadness’ are important but they’re are momentarily amusement alike Friday box office (movies). An remarkable and permanent mark one can leave is by making a ‘meaningful life’, by adding meaning to tasks we do. – Santa Santosh Avvannavar


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