Why Third Gender?

“I’ve been male and I’ve been female – and female is better!” chants one well known personality after another, and all male smile and nod heads in envious agreement on ‘World Women’s Day’. But is that all there is to male or female? Is being ‘male’ or ‘female’ is more at peace or more content with life? How do you one define gender?

As I closed by last few lines of the book (She: Ekla Cholo Re), a story of identity! A story of transgender! A strong question that left me vacuum was –
What was the need to create another gender, Transgender?! 
transgenderAs transgender believe to be woman, why not put those under the same division of gender? This would have made all the ‘Transgender’s’, politically right. Right?! They could have enjoyed all the dimensions of life as the women do. Is this new division creating ‘politically potential people’ to fight for the rights that they already own from birth. Why all this confusion?

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