Future Genx Toys

There is no end to desires of mankind! Perhaps God understood after the creation of Earth and Adam. The first man on bountiful earth, the highest power one could have asked for – to take charge of everything on earth. God could have seen for several days that Adam wasn’t happy as it didn’t fulfill something HE thought of – Adam couldn’t have interacted with any species hence there was no social interaction. Even then it might have seem one way interaction, Adam might assume animals, trees and other species are able to understand his conversation. Some day Adam might have got frustrated of getting a feeling of ‘talking to dead thing.’ Understanding the need, God created ‘Eve’ not just to provide a companion but to take away the loneliness of mankind. This tells us that humans are always ‘in search’ of something to keep them occupied. Further, the article is based on my limited understanding of, how this ‘in search’ was fulfilled? Hunting was one of filling the gap desire however it was also to satisfy the hunger. The next one however might seem surprising, Sex was (is) of the amusing filler for mankind. As there were no Toys to play! Then there should be play with sand and soil. Earthen toys must have evolved through such plays. This continues to exist till date and with growing need these have largely got replaced by plastic materials for several reasons such as durability, transportation, moulding properties of plastic etc.

Kids at QtPi
Then came battery run toys specifically a segment for boys and dolls for girls. I think neither children nor parents weren’t completely satisfied (not that they expressed this as a serious concern) but game developers might have got this pinch. As developers were children too! The biggest challenge for game developers was not to just to give a fancy item in hand but to engage them for several hours. A new kind of market got evolved! However, parents initially might have been happy that their child is engaged but it took away several productive hours. Several parents should have felt that child is getting addicted to online games. The scenario is seen as disruptive behaviour. I’m sure many would agree that parents and children continue to wait for something that not only engages them but also gives a new dimension to life! Through creative output, enhancing learning curve, educative, competitive, and obviously fun.
One of such players who is in the process of filling this gap is QtPi. My recent visit to this office where several parents and children had gathered to participate and understand the new wave or what I call them as ‘cute pie’ because they have all the elements that past toy industry had incorporated. Are these going to future toys that would not just engage children and learners but also fuel creativity and help in making a better career?
Kids Building and Playing – QtPi
– Santa Santosh Avvvannavar