He in She; She in He: Gender that I didn’t know! @TEDxMACE

He in She; She in He: Gender that I didn’t know!

Self side of ‘me’ and self side of ‘others’ that is roller coaster ride! Because it has fear, rejection and afraid to face new challenges. This confusion was like understanding community and gender. Perhaps many go through such phase! Stories of inequalities have been doing rounds and will continue to do so. What if there was no gender classification like male & female? If this could be replaced with something more meaningful, what it could be? The solution to such arguments on equality is ‘facelift’, acceptance! I knew that I didn’t differentiate what gender someone is. Why did I do so? I knew that to understand oneself, one needs to embrace several things in life. Several things like appreciation, criticism, miscommunication, realign the relationships.


There is no gender free of another gender!


There is no gender is complete without the other! 

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The event TEDxMACE was held on 19 Jan 2018 in beautiful campus of MACE Cochin, Kerala. Kudos to the team of TEDxMACE for brining out fresh ideas! My stay with them will remain memorable!

What does summer means to you?

Children like summer and parents perhaps prefer not! That 6-8 hours relief that the mothers gets to finish the house hold cores is something harder during summer. Summer adds up to extra purchase list! This scenario is true for several mid-income families categorically to people before 1990’s who had more than one child and one employed.

As a child I found summer difficult to spend because of several reasons –

  1. I liked the school and teachers who kept me occupied with books, writing and brain activities.
  2. I either had to go to relatives places whom I knew little. However, I enjoyed this on bonding with new people.
  3. I didn’t like sports apart from jogging, running and indoor activity (like business board game).
  4. I wanted to pick some activities that didn’t moral debased. Hence I picked some skills like cooking, writing and reading during summer.

I feel now-a-days children are blessed with several summer activities or workshop like Robotics which helps them to be progressive in creativity, understanding/ learning applications, getting introduced to computer programming much earlier than academics that deepens their logically thinking and not-only-see but also feels the fascinating outcome! The adventure of building and re-building will build a better tomorrow for them and generation to come!

118 Courtesy: QtPi

What did/does summer mean to you?

Santa, CCO, QtPi Robotics