400th Week TCS Maitree Toastmasters Club

We travel across the world to fulfill two dreams – individuals and others. Individuals dreams are fulfilled when others dreams are! Its virtuous circle that makes life. We neither understand the beginning nor the end but we understand the joy of giving and receiving in the cycle. I being in this cycle my phone rang on weekend from Mr. Animesh, VPE at TCS Maitree Chennai Toastmasters Club to invite as a Keynote speaker for their 400th week of TCS Maitree Chennai Toastmasters Club. I was excited with the invite, jumped to say ‘Yes’ in no time!

Cynosure 4
Keynote talk on ‘Dreams and Aspirations: 6 Career Success Mantra’

Even I could arrive two hours before the drop point in Chennai, Mr. Rajarajan was waiting on his toe to receive. It was the same before moving out of Chennai or during the event. Today he stands an inspiring example to me for hospitality!


Mr. Venkatesh, Regional HR Chennai; Mr. Bala and Ms. Suganthi P, District Toast Master extended warm welcome. It was completely a new experience to witness great activities, inspiring and motivational talks.

As I continue to move in the cycle, 400th week will remain a memorable milestone and a cynosure to count.

We stay and stand united! #Toastmastersclub

– Santa Santosh Avvannavar, CCO QtPi Robotics (Plug Play and Innovate) I Author I TEDx Organiser & 7 time Speaker I Alumnus of NITK, Surathkal ; IISc, Bengaluru

Shamelessly Bringing Smile

While I was young, I couldn’t have asked for more than small things to buy such as ice candy, toffees and sometime a meal (typically dosa). I had understood that its not the matter of existence of money but matter of things to be asked from parents. I realised with growing (older) it was good happened that helped me incharge of opting a thing or declining a thing without much of fuss. At times I had the feeling of not having something, for example, a friend had first cellular phone that was heavy with small screen that displayed name, number and short message. The longer message needed scrolling using up and down button. It did fascinate me but my self-esteem and upbringing didn’t help me to ask parents. Somewhere in deep in my heart I felt its good to be shameless to achieve a good objective by asking out! If I have to classify the activity I’m going to carry out is going to make difference to me and others – being shameless is fine! However, Pride had to play a vital role in being shameless in asking that desired. 
In this journey of understanding the word ‘shameless’, I came across the line, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”(Matthew 7:7) God tells that one who ask is not denied and pride is the evil game! I have played this game of asking in the prayer but denied myself of outside showcasing pride. This conflict of understanding and thought has often took away that God granted. After several repercussions, I have decided to be Shameless in asking because I know it will bring happiness, joy and make the world a better place to live though my action. 
Today as a parent you have an opportunity to bring smiles on faces of your children by allowing them utilise their summer, for example, Robotic Course.
What they build today, will help to build their better tomorrow! 
Summer Robotics