7 TEDx Talks and 7 takeaway

7 TEDx Talks and 7 takeaway for me are –
1) Hope is Hopeful
2) Participate in the moment, the moment will connect to past and future
3) Joy of sharing is to receive joy
4) Several ideas fail in mind, some in paper and none in reality
5) Be nice and cordial to fellow TED participant and organisers
6) Connect all the dots – work and people
7) Its your story and write the way you could
I would like to thank my parents, teachers, QtPi roboticsRaghunath AreSai Hruday MudamTEDx IMU VisakhapatnamTEDxUSMCTEDx SIESGSTTEDxsnsceTEDxMACETEDx IIESTShibpurTedxBalajiits@TEDxBITMwomen, Community, students and others for the constant support.

My 7th TEDx Talk
We are aware of the fact that the umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to its mother. This runs from an opening to the baby’s stomach to the placenta in the womb. This helps to pass oxygen and nutrients from mother to baby. Soon after the birth, it is clamped and the cord is cut. This process is very important to allow them to grow independently. Otherwise, an uncut emotional umbilical cord can cause misery to the child and the mother, as it will hinder their individual growth. To know various virtual cords, listen to an eye-opener TEDxIIESTShibpur talk, Umbilical Cord – The cord that always remains
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Link to TEDxIIESTShibpur talk – Umbilical Cord

AIR Bengaluru Talk

The audio has two parts – The first talk brings a message of ’empowerment of needy and women’ through stories that will touch your hearts, makes you think and brings newer perspectives. The talk was presented by Santosh Avvannavar at AIR Bengaluru, Yuvaavani Program, Primary Channel 612 kHZ. The second talk is a discussion with Kaashif Buldavani discussion on poetry and his passion towards it. The talk was presented by Santosh Avvannavar at AIR Bengaluru, Yuvaavani Program, Primary Channel 612 kHZ.

Radio Active CR 90.4 Show 7

Progressive Thinkers can help the nation to take a leap. Listen to three such inspiring children on their thoughts to build Robots to help and save humanity with RJ Santosh Avvannavar at Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz. I see three future scientist are making their waves.
Share to help the young minds to work on their dreams.

Radio Active CR 90.4 – Show 4

Listen to 3 Qt, energetic, smart children talking about their interest in Robotics at Radio Active 90.4. Please do share to support their participation. Appreciate it!

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