My School Best School Series 1 – Harvest International School Bengaluru

School is a second home and family! In order to help parents to choose a right school that will help the child in a holistic development Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz has started a series ‘My School Best School’. In the series one, RJ Santa Santosh Avvannavar spoke to Dakshayini Kanna Principal of Harvest International School, Dr.Sita Shankar, Headmistress, Ms. Blessy Samuel, Senior Coordinator, Ms. Aarushi Krishnan and Mr. Sanjay Sajeesh Krsihnan who are in Grade 12.

Listen to their talk, the reason they believe Harvest International School is Best School –

Who is Average student?

Who is #Average Student?

Concept of average merged in 1830’s by Adolphe Quetelet, an astronomer and mathematician, used averages to determine the speed of the movement of planets. He became obsessed with averages and coined the term “the average man”.

How did this concept of average got percolated to every system?

How did average is perceived and affected the various bodies?

How concept of average was understood by common man?

To various such questions, listen to Sachin Kodagali and Sanket Joshi with RJ Santa Santosh Avvannavar at Radio Active CR 90.4

She is Scientist!

Radio Active CR 90.4 Show 9 – She is Scientist! Four aspiring girls from Bishop Cotton Girls School who are QtPi Robotics students share their dreams and their interest in Robotics at Radio Active.

Let today be the beginning to allow children to spend 25% of time of their week in STEM Education. Please hash tag #25STEMeducation and share on the social media.