Rage & Rant on Kids Coding Ads 

Let me begin on ways to read articles & ads: “Nothing said in general to be read for specific and nothing said in specific to be read for general. Both cases aren’t wrong!” 

Ads with facts in general or in specific talks about “calling” mostly through a known person in an ad. That person calling may not have to do with anyone else or product itself. People resonate with them as economic growth keeps mankind together. This is true as one’s calling romanticise several others. This unrealistic love could take a hit on a good life. If this is to be true then, how should one see any ads? See them as they are! In other words, see them as a craft. Focus must be on learning or doing an activity not driving relationships to the person in the ad. This is highly true for kids! One doctor friend gave an interesting view on things to use on skin (to keep it healthy): Apply those are edible! The doctor did make sense; one that’s good for internal development of the body holds good for external too! Don’t we miss the “calling” of the external body?

There is nothing wrong with setting lofty goals but only on the condition that one maintain a distanced, level-headed relationship with goals. Even one has to argue on a handful of names that falls in the bracket of “calling” & “success”. However, there is a larger pool of miserably failures. One needs to take calling with a pinch of salt because there are people such as terrorists, cheaters, criminals can also claim on their calling. 

Does this mean one should avoid the ads? Absolutely no! Ads help us know about a product or service for the community. There are two right outcomes: Learn and practice (with respect to ads of coding) or use and test (with respect to food). One could also avoid the ads. And remember its child who is participating, not you, parent! As much food is to the body, learning is to the mind. See it as one more activity for the development of mind. A development that’s going to gain experiences and skills. As one day, everyone might need to do a job to make bread for the day mostly through an ad. 

Santosh Avvannavar, Education Journalist at QtSTEAM, www.youtube.com/QtSTEAM

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