A Plant of Honesty: Benipal

I am one of those lucky one’s that had opportunity to sleep on my grandmother lap and listen to stories. Not all stories were about real life incident but they had some message, moral and perhaps true at times. I thank ‘Amrita: Tell Your Story’ team for taking me back to my early childhood days.

I bring one story among many stories heard from my granny. There was a rich old man and knew it was time to choose a successor to take over all his wealth. He called his three children Veer, Mahendra and Benipal. The time has come for me to hand over all the property to one among three and decided to choose one of you. The children were shocked and were expecting equal division of property.I will give you a plant seed, water it and grow the plant for one year. I will judge the plants that you bring, and the one I choose will be the next heir.

All went with a hope to get all property. Benipal got a pot, soil and compost and he planted the seed. He would water it, talk to the seed and watch to see if it had grown. Other two sons began to talk after few weeks about their seeds and the plants were seen to shape. Unfortunately for Benipal nothing ever grew. Benipal continued to add compost, water, talking and watching. Months passed and year passed on nothing in Benipal pot.

After a year all three came with their pot, Benipal felt that its going to be the most embarrassing moment, but decided to be honest about what happened. Father called each one by one, Veer had grown a beautiful plant with flowers, Mahendra also had plant with fragrant flower. Benipal tried to hide in the back. Father asked for Benipal to show, he looked terrified. Father asked him what had happened to his seed – Benipal told him the story.

Father said sons, behold my next heir is Benipal. He couldn’t believe it. Other two started murmuring – father narrated that, one year ago the seed given to you all three were boiled seeds; they were dead – it was not possible for them to grow.Expect Benipal both of you have brought plant and flowers. Benipal is with courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Hence he will be the next heirs!

Some of you might have heard this story. This story had kept honesty in me till date. Never let people go from your life if you find courageous and honest people, they will real seed for your life.

Amrita Foundation wish you find honest people and have a great life ahead. If you have your story, do write to us, we shall keep your name and other information confidential.


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