First impression is not the last impression

Amrita Foundation brings you 11th story at “Amrita: Tell Your Story” from the author Suchita Khanna (aka SK, second story). Well, here I am with another incident that happened in my life which I would like to name “First impression is not the last impression”. First impression can be a lasting impression though if you don’t do anything to change it.

This incident took place on the first day of my MBA journey. My parents had come to leave me in the college hostel, this was going to be my first experience of hostel life and I was a bit apprehensive about the kind of roommates I would get, the atmosphere, the canteen food, the college etc. Even my parents got a bit worried because of my tension. I had already started missing them even before they had left me in my room. We all went to the hostel office to get my room number, keys etc. I was allotted the room and was informed that my other two roommates had already come and the key of the room is with them. We all went up to the fourth floor with all my luggage only to find that the room was locked. I searched in the nearby rooms, asked other hostlers about my roomies but nobody knew where they were.

Irritated we went back to the hostel office and informed the in charge, he had their numbers and called them, but the numbers were of their hometown so we couldn’t reach them. We had to wait for at least one hour before one of my would be roommate came back, we asked her to open the door to which she replied that she does not have the key, the other one has. We all got so angry that what kind of mismanagement is this on the part of the hostel management and the girl who did not even think of the other people who would come to occupy the room. Finally, after another half an hour she came and we could get inside the room but the atmosphere was tensed and I confronted the girl about what kind of careless behavior was this, she apologized and then my parents had to leave so I was left alone with my roomies full of fear that after this incident all my nightmares about them would come true, they would not cooperate with me and would talk rudely and I would be the odd one out since they both would get friendly and ignore me and so on.

But to my surprise after a day or so we all got along well and then eventually became very good friends and enjoyed the MBA course journey. Even now when we recall that day, we laugh at each other about what we thought about one another the first day but we all turned out to be so different from that the first impression. I am glad that I got the opportunity to change my “First impression”. 🙂

Amrita Foundation wishes SK and her friends a great bonding forever. As we believe, “You could be the reason for someone else happiness”, share your story with us. God be with you always!


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