Flexibility is inflexible

I bring to you a story of corporate game that tricked me few months back at “Amrita: Tell Your Story”. I work for one of the MNC in India, was posted on regular basis at different client place such as Canada, England, The United State of America, India, China and other short time. I didn’t say no for any given tasks within the assigned role.

I crossed 30, Indian family pressure of marriage was building and decided to marry. I returned from States to Pune, India. In few weeks wedding was finalized, got married and we were about to settle – I got a call from my manager’s manager. I was posted to Bangalore and was asked to leave within a week. My wife has a job in Pune and no branch office in Bangalore. I request the manager for Pune posting, but they were reluctant to do so. All I could hear was business demand or need. Now I reside at Bangalore since six months and we are trying hard to relocate back. One thing scares me, Will I stay in Bangalore for longer? I can’t just quit and look for another job, we started defining a comfort zone and it would be challenge to revoke.

This incident made me think, Is flexibility at the organization is inflexible? Do companies forget extra working works for no extra appreciation or pay? Is it always one way flexible? Please throw the discussion with your views and acumen. As Amrita team believes that, ‘We could be the reason for someone else happiness’, I hope company understand that ‘My happiness is somewhere else’.

Amrita Foundation wishes the couples a great bonding and happiness for forever. If you have a story to share, write to us. We shall keep your name and other information confidential.


4 thoughts on “Flexibility is inflexible

  1. well sir, firstly its really surprising for me tat ua married …. coz it was completely a diff intro u gave in information dep of the pda college…. well, having said this , i think , we will get unwanted turns in our life , which has to followed for a period of time but cant do nothing… i wish flexibility in ua job will sooner have a flexibility in ua married life…!all the best !

    1. Dear Anirudh, Thanks for writing to back. This story is of someone else, we have a section known as ‘Amrita: Tell Your Story’. People send incident of life. We look forward for your some interesting incident or story of your life 🙂

      In between I’m single!!!

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