Happiness in small pockets

This is my personal experience and it was least expected. I would like to add this to the section “Amrita: Tell Your Story”.

I was at a college campus for a training sometime ago. As a trainer, I need to prepare a lot well much ahead of the day. All eye are waiting to decided, Do I attend next session? The attendance fairly says it all many a times. Let me not talk about the challenges about the sessions, training and preparations.

As usual after the day session, I was returning with bunch of students. One student walked upto me and said, ‘I just wanted to say you few things – I was disappointed to see that you didn’t choose our batch for the session. I attended your sessions two years ago and have attended many more trainings since 2 years from some other companies. I went to attend every new session from a new training company and a new trainer with hope to see better than you. I wish to admit that, I would like to see you again at our class. Thank You!’ I and other students with me were silent and probably this silence much demanded by teachers from students.

I realised that sometime happiness comes in small pocket and feels great to know that all of us are reasons for someone’s transformation. As I owe to my family, friends (some best friends), students and others. You could be the reason for someone else happiness!

If you would like to send your story, write to us. We shall keep your name and other information confidential. Good day! God be with you always!


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