How I was Offered 3 Offers inspite disappointment?

Amrita Foundation brings you 17th story at “Amrita: Tell Your Story”.

I was asked uncomfortable question during an interview (out of 3), “In your current role what has been your major disappointment?” I would preferably like to thank ‘Amrita Foundation blog’ for adding all positive vibes and motivation. I was prepared to talk about some things that didn’t go so well. I had learnt from the situation and how I could handle a similar situation better in future. As I like a saying, ‘Nobody’s perfect’, I didn’t lose confidence in answering this one. I did lay disappointment out quite openly. I understand anyone is expected to look for honesty and attitude to risk. I avoided words like ‘failure’ or ‘loss’.

I made sure that I didn’t blame the tools or product or the company or anything else for not delivering the tasks. I went to explain the how at times people underestimate others, indications given to work things backwards or not worth the effort challenges. I have learnt to move on now to what to do first rather than to wait.

Honesty pays, it paid very high this time!

Amrita Foundation team wishes the person to have a great life and career. As we believe, “You could be the reason for someone else happiness”, share your story with us. Good day! God be with you always!


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