I am a Man of Principles

PrinciplesAmrita Foundation brings you 14th story at “Amrita: Tell Your Story”. The author requested us not to disclose the name and other information. Amrita team narrates it on his behalf to you all.

I studied from Top university in India in late 90’s and worked in prominent place. Being in top institutes is like ‘Blessing in disguise’, rather it need not be true always. As being a studious and moral, principle oriented person – I was hired by one of the leading organization. It was matter of six months, I was called by the team lead. The team lead had become close and we discussed on various issues including national and international human problems :).

The team lead asked me sign some documents that need to be submitted to account section along with some bills. I looked into the bills and details furnished. I was amazed and reacted to it, denying that its untrue. He tried hard to explain that, all do such thing happen. We are bound to make adjustments – I got up and said to him, ‘I am a man of good morals and principles.’ I didn’t get influenced by the team lead inspite of the regular attempt of trying to give explanation of the way system works. I wish to convey to others that, stick to your right principles no matter what – something which is lacking in this liberated age of today.

Amrita Foundation believes, support and encourage in such principles. As we believe, “You could be the reason for someone else happiness”, share your story with us. Good day! God be with you always!

Image taken from msrcoaching.com just for illustration purpose only


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