Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – Changed My Life

It’s quite hard to tell truth, accept the truth and someone to still love inspite of knowing the truth. I am nervous, as I pen down my story.

I was born and brought to an orthodox family, like anyone got a decent education, got a job in one of the leading organization. As Indian tradition and Mom’s boy got married to beautiful lady of Mom’s choice. In less than two years we had a child and it looked like a complete family. I changed my job and we relocated to different city. I went to my client’s place for a meeting and walking back I collided a person. This collision could have been disaster, the person was none another than My ‘First and Last’ girl friend.

There was silence for awhile and all the memories started to flash. We didn’t utter a word and we moved away. I was very disturbed and starting remembering all good olden days. I started searching for her assuming that she works at my clients place and it came true. I waited at the reception and she walked upto me. I requested her for a cup of coffee and she agreed to join. She looked more beautiful than before, perhaps I was getting attracted. It’s matter of heart and we feel it. We spoke for hours and decide to meet over weekend. Months passed and I forgot for a while; I have a family. I kept those meeting only upto coffee inspite of attraction, desire and lust.

My wife was finding some changes in me and it’s been more than 4 years of our married life. My wife is fond of Shahrukh Khan movies and she would pull me to any Shahrukh Khan movie, I would generally sleep and she would sob, laugh, smile and looks like replica of every movie scene. It was Aug 14, 2006 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was released and as expected she had booked first day first show ticket. She would sit quite till the movie interval and end, I asked her before the start of the movie, what is that you likes in Shahrukh Khan? ‘I like him on screen and I love you off-screen’. I smiled and felt guilt conscious. She hold my hand and we watched the entire movie, thinking about my wife, child and family. That’s first time I didn’t sleep in movie hall. The movie revolved around the story of love, family and fidelity.

I immediately rushed to meet my close friend and told him about issues. He gave me listening ear and suggest me to get back to my family, he handed over ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ and asked me read sometime sooner. I spent some days reading this book and spending more time with family. I explained this to my girl friend and she also felt that we need to give time to our family and it will harm all of us otherwise.

Attraction, Desire and Lust are the key battle for martial fidelity. One perhaps need to learn to fight through it and otherwise there will more KANK stories.I thank my wife for loving me more each day and I love her more each day too. Let me admit that, I have started to like and watch Shahrukh Khan movies.

I thank “Amrita: Tell Your Story” team for bringing this section and completely agree with them, ‘We could be the reason for someone else happiness’.

Amrita Foundation wishes husband and wife to have a great family and life. If you have your story to share, write to us, we shall keep your name and other information confidential. God be with you always!


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