Re-Union: 8 and 10 @ Facebook

Here we present the first story in the section ‘Amrita: Tell Your Story’

People of 1980’s or earlier can relate this,I am social person like my parents. My parents have more trust worthy people than bank balance.The quality has carried to my generation too, we used to write letters on post card and wait for the response to know if my cousins were at native place. We waited at railway or bus station to pick our family members or friends. We did see telephone facility at few places and perhaps only few had telephone at home those days.People who had, were seen as rich. As I grew, mobiles were seen among very few people and it was expensive to afford. I had many friends and we wrote slam books with home address.

I was close to two of my friends and we departed after few years. We lost in touch and perhaps we were trying to search for each other. We wrote letters to each other, perhaps the red box was never unchecked by the post office. We moved on with our life, then orkut came. I was not in social media those days and perception about it was ‘waste of time’. We had a desire to meet and have a reunion sometime in life. I started using facebook with much of hesitation and the search for my friend was on and perhaps my friend did so. We found each other a year ago, but we lived in different part of the world. It took more than a eight years to meet one friend and ten years another friend. May be this joyous of Re-union is unexpressive.

Thank you Facebook and Amrita Foundation for giving this space to express!


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