Redemption: Decision

1990’s saw a beginning of IT industry at a smaller level in India. One of my friend started a business related to IT, after six months I joined him as a partner. He left all the financial transactions and official documentation work to me. I started seeing that there is lot of money in this and it was very tempting to me in those days. My friend put heart and soul to grow the company, he was face of the organization. People just loved him and all customers came through his network.

I was married and had 3 children, I used to talk about my friend and work with my wife. I was more or less influenced by my wife and probably some decisions one should take. I was tempted and influenced by my wife to make the business in my name. I asked my friend to sign documents for business purpose. He had a blind faith in me and he wrote cheque books or any documents without a second thought. It passed a year and we received a large contract with good inflow of money. I can never forget the day on which I threw my friend out of company, he was shocked and silent forever. His silence has killed me over years and perhaps I could never forgive myself.

I did manipulate to acquire the company, but could never earn people nor respect from others. After 5 years of continuing to run the organization, I went in search of my friend and got to know that he is in village. He continued to work for people and it was perhaps too late to meet him. He was counting his days, as he fell sick because of some infections. He welcomed as he always did in past, I felt ashamed of myself and couldn’t say anything than asking for sorry. The village mourned and his legacy of commitment to people and work was seen in his people always.

I feel unfortuante for not having anyone next to me during my last days, as the curses of my action is seen all over after the incident. My wife passed away soon after acquiring the company, children left me and moved to west. They never looked back, I am lying in a missionary place asking for mercy and forgiveness daily.

I always admitted that, Apple is and always will be remembered for Steve Jobs not for any other people. We might adopt a child, but can never become real parents. I hope to seek redemption and hope you all prayer for me.

Amrita Foundation prayer people who heart is heavy and may God help them. If you wish to send your story at “Amrita: Tell Your Story”, write to us. We shall keep your name and other information confidential. God bless you and be with you always.


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