Rough and Risky Rides: Life’s Best Guide

Today we bring to you a interesting a short documentary with an ending befitting a story about ‘Rough and risky rides are life’s best guides’ at “Amrita: Tell Your Story” section.

I worked as a scientist in a CSIR lab for four years. Getting a job in government is a dream for many, unfortunately it turned to be boring and not much of hope to be in government set up. If not everybody, I was definitely not fit enough. Things were horribly wrong, like a Malai Paneer dish gone wrong because of ingredients other than Paneer itself. Like all I had my share of wonderful and less hopeful days. One day a meeting with the institute director led me to finally decided to leave the organization. I planned to put down my paper after I would be with both my personal and professional commitments. Sometimes happy moments comes after last moments. The last day at work was first happy day.

I felt like a free bird and soon headed for IISc, Bangalore. I changed stream from Civil to Computer Science and the future looked with less hope and excitement. The first day in the institute was a rainy day and welcome was great to see new people expecting life to better. There was surge for intellectual freedom inside me. I was married and yet enjoyed almost a bachelor life of sort again. The feeling of living like a king in the budget of a poor mouse. However, nobody can stop the life’s destiny. I was in deep trouble and wish not to elaborate. I moved from a rough ride to a risky ride to say the best. At times, thought to call it quits but kept on doing and believing in my KARMA as I understood then. The things got sorted out well at the end but took a great toll on my zeal towards a few things in life.

But then I got the gift of this experience which is going to shape rest of my life in all possibility. There was great risk in whatever I did (full details not possible in a short write-up) but I can certainly say that it is these risks which define and can define our lives for better.

Amrita Foundation wishes the author and his family a smooth ride from here onwards. If you would like to share your story for the section “Amrita: Tell Your Story”, write to us, because we believe that, “You could be the reasons for someone else happiness” . We shall keep your name and other information confidential. God be with you always!


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