The imitator!

Today we bring you a strong of an imitator at “Amrita: Tell Your Story” section. This is the tenth story and we thank you for sending interesting value added stories.

The story seems to be crazy but it comes true in every ones life at times.
Well it is not a mere story but a funny incident that happened to me a few months ago. I have this habit of imitating others, their life style (dressing, talking and movements).I never thought that this would come to end after watching 3 minute video of an Indian pop youth icon. I liked the guy hairstyle and as expected, I grabbed the trimmer and asked me friend (claims that he is expert in hair styling) a qualified engineer. He was giving finishing touch, I am hurry to see the changes – jumped above my height mirror. Thats it, the trimmer took its directions at my eye brow and gave the ugly duckling look out of me. I was in the weird world, it looked horrible.

I had two options either to be bold or be with it, well I decided to go to college with it. People started gazing over as me as alien “Jadoo” from “Koi Mil Gaya” flick. I received few likes and more dislikes over Facebook status. This incident changed my life on imitation tendency and is low, but still heart says ‘Human tendency for imitation continues’. I would like to say, go to the right place or person for the right kind of work. Never compromise! I hope you all enjoyed my imitating story.

Amrita Foundation wishes the author a great life ahead. As we believe that, ‘We could be the reason for someone else happiness’. If you have a story, write to us. We shall keep your name and other information confidential. God be with you always!


2 thoughts on “The imitator!

  1. OMG…. I knw this story… I was the main Character in dis story… 😛
    Well i would like to keep the author’s name as Confidential 😀 lol 🙂

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