Inconvenient Truth: Condoms

Here we bring you an article about on inconvenient truth, everybody knows about it and nobody wants to talk about it. Perhaps someone has to take a lead, Amrita Foundation decided to talk about it. This article is given as a public service.

According to Wikipedia HIV/AIDS in India, about 1.4-1.6 million people are infected from HIV/AIDS from 1.2 billion population. Inspite of various set up by govt, the decline in HIV infections is not very large. We bring you some interesting facts:

We met bunch of doctors and went to few medical stores to know the kind of condoms people buy.

There are many donor agencies sell condoms at low cost or free, they also marketing campaign and create a brand. For example Delux Nirodh, the kind of message they carry is – there is a picture of wife and husband, you need to protect them. You are reminded, each to be used only once, some other donor agencies put red ribbon to remind buyer of HIV. These are not the kind of things the buyer is thinking before to get them. What is the buyer thinking of? Sex, right! There are many other challenges these initiatives have to think about, there are several articles reported about size as international standards are too way large and the social taboo.

Were as the non-government (pvt) companies such as Durex, moods and various other understands it. The condoms are not much different from the donor agencies, but their packaging is surely. The imagery and their messages are proactive. The donor agencies or international companies are perhaps not even part of this country to sell the right one. If we are really think to stop spread of HIV, we will need to look at the customer preference and in-turn others lives depend on them. The lesson to the any marketer is that, it is perhaps doesn’t matter what we are selling; the message should that our selling need to change people behavior to save many lives.

Join hands with us at “Amrita: Relay” to save many lives by simply sharing this message and talking to others – make it a convenient truth. We could save lives. Thank you for the help!


4 thoughts on “Inconvenient Truth: Condoms

  1. Well said, Prevention is better than cure. Of what I have heard, there are local brands who sell condoms for a rupee. I don’t know how do they make it so cheap. Other day I was wondering whether they pack the old ones!

    My suggestion is that if you are going to buy a condom, you should buy it from a proper medical shop of a proper brand. There is nothing to be scared of or be embarrassed. You might be thinking what other people would think if u ask a condom in a shop. But, my dear friend, think of the disease! Once you get it, that is when people will actually think how irresponsible you are.

    “Sayam rakho, raho saavdhan, bano zimmedar, karo condom ka upyog”

  2. i think prostitution is the biggest cause for the spreading of AIDS,so i think it should be suppressed.But this is a very complicated matter to stop suddenly in developing nations.I Think the best way to Stop the spreading of AIDS is giving a proper sex education at high school age .Rolling a condom reduces the risk ,but this is playing in many minds that condoms can seclude them from disease ,but this is wrong…….U might escape from This virus,but it is always a sickness to have sex with unknown!
    But I always wonder how Netherlands and few other countries have made prostitution legal>>>>

    1. We appreciate your view on looking into this matter from root point. We look forward to hear further from you. Welcome to Amrita Foundation family!

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