BUGman Book Review – Hariharan


Thanks for the authors for giving the scenario that happens inside the IT industry. Freshers will be benefited by this man (BUGman book). I’m sure that all the bugs which are in the minds of software aspirants will be corrected after meeting this man (reading this book). It also very interesting to read that’s because of the authors Sa&Sa for giving this in a funny way. All students interested in software must have to read to give up their fears during their interview time. – Hariharan, 3rd Year ECE 

BUGman Review:Soundarya

I just read your BUGman book. image-3It was very informative. I was known only about a facet of corporate world which was all about burying someone to raise one’s position in the company. But this book took me to a different perspective where one can work good as a team. By reading this book one could actually get to know about the interviewing process, do’s and don’ts. Few questions related to testing were there which are useful for everyone. Author’s views mentioned were instructive. This book is a must read for all those who are getting ready for placements. I would definitely suggest my friends to buy this book. – Soundarya S (Tech Mahindra placed CSE student)

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Tester Life

A simple story that brings out the reality of so-called highly paid Software Engineers – to be more precise Tester Life. How the ideas are conceived and how they were being treated and what kind of sacrifice do they need to make were very well captured in this book.

For further reading: Sarath Babu’s Review

When we asked to Sarath Babu, how students/freshers may find BUGman book?
He replied, They would know the reality. They will not have an illusionary image anymore when they read this book. It brings out the reality in a polished way. It also makes sure of the point – “There is nothing in this world which is free & no one has the pleasure/privilege to relax.” Work to get paid & recognised.
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Authors’ would like to thank Sarath Babu for sharing his honest review. We appreciate his effort and time.

Youngest Book Reviewer

(BUGman authors’ are thrilled and happy to receive the book review of BUGman. Shreyas B Joshi 6th Standard RNS Vidyaniketan School read BUGman twice and wrote the review). 

Overview: BUGman cubicle life and beyond its an interesting book about the work of software engineers its about technical subject how IT members work and how is the management of the companies all these things we can learn through this book. One of the author is my uncle Sachin Kodagli and his friend Santhosh Avvannavar. The book editor is Rajashree Ghosh and Proof Readers are Prasanna Desai, Shilpa Patil, Bharath Kumar and Jeevan. Because of all these members contribution now this book has achieved a great success and now the book is available at Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and many more.

Shreyas Joshi with Sa(chin) Author of BUGman

The book  has classified chapters as weeks (Week 0 to Week 6). Week 0 – introducing Sa and Sa as two characters as they are the authors respective names, Sachin and Santosh. In this week each one has his story, for example Santosh conveys that grading doesn’t tell ones appearance but talent shows everything were as Sachin conveys that grading is important this helps students to benchmark and get to know about their weaknesses.

Week 1-“Identifying Einsteins”, this means identifying the candidates who are more intelligent. In this week we are going to learn what are the different positions that the company is planning to hire. The team in which Sachin and Santosh are working has Mr.Murthy as their head, whom Santosh dislike. We learn about framework and other technical skills. As Murthy tells in the meeting to take more candidates for the new project junior, senior and architect positions.

Week 2 -“Pantry talkies”,which means the candidates who talk about their families and friends. As Santosh is working from home after the lunch Murthy dials sachin and tells I will join you after five minutes and he asks Santosh to join us because there is a meeting all of a sudden. Santosh dislike unplanned meetings. In this meeting, Murthy enquiry on the status of  CV’s  that were to be shortlisted.

Week 3-“TGIF and weekend work”, on friday Santosh says in excitement thank god its friday (tgif) cannot wait for the weekend. But hardworking Sachin reminds on the hiring task. Sachin inquired do you know three new joinees are going yo join our interview panel. Santhosh asked out of curiosity who are they? Rahul, Tina and Anjali! Three new characters join the fun of BUGman. Murthy discuss on the CV’s and  updates that HR has sent few more on the initial phone screens. Around 6-8 for junior and senior positions and 4 for architect role.

Week 4-“The Day”, Saturday the hiring day for the CV’s. On a lighter note, Santosh asked Sachin whom do you think Rahul loves Tina or Anjali. A quick pat comes from Sachin, “We can get to know by getting the wedding invitation from one of them.” Another such moment when the interview has begun, Santosh asks for the candidate, Which college have you graduate from ? So the candidate replies, Malla Appa Putta Pakka College at Kadukol. Santosh says to himself, why do people keep such funny name? For the next question on training, the candidate tells he underwent training from a centre called Roopam training center at Kadukol to which Santosh says to himself I think this is company of a saree manufacturing. In this chapter we get to know about what are the possible questions in the interviews we need to always carry the resume to the interviews. In the interviews they check the basics, Communication Skills, Automation and Authors views are important here.

Week 5-“Short Listing”, its a Tuesday morning Santosh is back after using his comp off as well some of the team members. Murthy has sent a mail requesting for all the data on the candidates interviews for the Saturday event according to the interview panel they have selected some for junior and some are on hold. For the senior QE three are not selected, one is on hold and one is selected. For an Architect position one is selected and one is not. It’s late Thursday evening; Sachin and Santosh are busy having their usual chat session while having snacks. The shortlisting process was over and everyone seems to be happy.

Week 6 -“Onboard and Fun”, HR (Sandy) in a discussion program with Murthy and Reena. They decided to keep the induction after two weeks. The induction day there were sessions from Sachin and Santosh on overall QE processes with pizzas on the menu for the team.

This is a very interesting and amazing book.  I felt there are jokes and seriousness this book tells a lot about the IT companies and about people management. I have read this twice and this has triggered an interest to know about technical subjects.

I thank Sa & Sa for giving us a very interesting book. You both are my inspiration, write many more books in the future.

Thank you!



Google Girl Aspirant

Dear Readers, Today we have ambitious Sriraksha, an aspiring programmer with a dream to work for Google. She is here to share her experience-

(Interviewer is the author of BUGman)


Interviewer: Hi! Tell me about yourself

Sriraksha: Hello! I’m Sriraksha, studying at Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, B.E., 5th Semester, Information Science. I’m interested in coding and passionate about it. Web Technology/Java are my favourite subject.

Interviewer: According to you, who is a good developer?

Sriraksha: A good developer is who understand the requirement gathering, appreciate the dynamics of customer expectations and adhere to the deadline.

Interviewer: What kind of engineer would you like to be?

Sriraksha: According BUGman book I understand there is a political motive that exists inside an organisation. I would prefer least such environment. Because I’m a kind person who loves to contribute.

Interviewer: How would your friends describe you?

Sriraksha: In quotes “Coding freak.” Especially I love web designing. Presently I’m working on a college online student portal – front end.

Interviewer: Which is your dream company?

Sriraksha: Google. I being a curious learner company like Google or Google itself is something to look for. There campus/ office seem very lovely and attractive to work.

Interviewer: What suggestions would you give to coding aspirants?

Sriraksha: Coding is one aspects of Software engineers. There are multiple avenues to explore. I have come across people who don’t like coding. Copy and paste from open source just doesn’t work. Basic and strong foundation of programming language like C will be an ideal case to consider. Regular coding using the online and offline resources would be of great help.

Interviewer: Could you relate to BUGman book?

Sriraksha: As a student some section were like learning lesson for me. For examples, structure of industry, how to deal with people, character Sa (Sachin) being my favourite had a lesson to learn. I would rate BUGman book 4.5 out of 5!

Interviewer: Could you tell us the reference material you use?

Web references:



The complete reference C++, Herbert Schildt

Herbert Schildt: Java – The Complete Reference, 9th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill, 2014

Interviewer: Thank your time and wishing a great success in career. Wishing you to interview while you being at Google in near future. Readers, I hope this was inspiring and helpful.

BUGman Book Launch

BUGman book launched by Suresh Narasimha, CoCreator, Entrepreneur along with Narasimhan Iyengar, Co-founder of Socialmedia Nascor and Praveen Praveen Desai Ex-Yahoo!


Ebook: click here

Paperback: click here

Book blurb: 

“Knowing the unknown is better than not knowing at all”. Sa & Sa journey of ‘Testers’ & challenges.

Sa and Sa unveils the journey of software professionals.

Sa and Sa Unveil this journey, they show how the software industry works, people, organization, expectations, behaviours etc.

Key thing we are trying to convey is to learn everyday, develop your skills and help share the knowledge.

BUGman Review

From my side, it’s 4.5/5
The authors have succeeded in keeping the narrative tone light throughout the book using simple, lucid language. The occasional gleams of humour even make you smile amidst the technical jargons used.

I highly recommended the book to the freshers who are about to start their professional life, to all the students and even to seasoned ‘bugmen’. Because, as it has been said, in IT, you learn something new each day.

For further reading: Maniparna

For paper back: BUGman &

For Ebook: BUGman Kindle version

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BUGman Contest

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BUGman Contest (Win Prizes) – As we share the happiness of BUGman book release (https://amritafoundation.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/bugman/), here is most awaited contest for all the Bug page friends.

Details – Ask interesting questions to your bugman’s
Time – Contest ends 24th Sept 2016, Sat 6:00 pm

Person who asks most relevant and great questions will win a great prize. (Terms and Conditions apply **)
Note that person should have asked atleast one question each for 3 BUGmans

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BUGman 3

Bharath Kumar
Mr BUGman

Today we bring to you to an interview of our BUGman 3, Mr Bharath Kumar who shares his experience of being QA Engineer.

About your background / work

I am basically from Mangalore , Karnataka. I completed my B.E in Information Science and Engineering from Sahyadri College, Mangalore. I started working in Sevam Tech in 2013 , later worked in Wipro Technologies. Currently I am working as QA Automation engineer in Medlife International Pvt Ltd.

Key Things to Succeed in IT Industry

“Love your job but NEVER fall in love with your company”

Challenges for a tester

New automation frameworks, Rapid testing techniques and faster release of the products.

Where you see Testing field 5 years from now ?

Until development testing will be there. Manual testing scope will decrease in future.Quality is about how the company runs and delivers value and experience to its clients. QA is a perfect place from which to see how, who, and what gets done.

How does BUGman Book Help Aspiring Testers ?

This book will tell about environment in any organization. It will give overview of testers lives, key technical stuff. The gossip between employees and how they work with the managers in company is a very interesting part of the book.

What do u feel about Interview section in the Book – BUGman ?

In interview section, I liked the Author’s views. He mentions about politics inside the company. It happens in the most of the companies and it’s the fact. Other than that BUGman told about internal interview process, expected questions in interview and how interviewer will think about the candidates is also well highlighted.

How important is attitude, communication, innovation for a tester ?

Attitude : Tester needs to break the system in different ways. Break it is the attitude before the customer does.

Communication: Tester should able to communicate effectively to all the stakeholders across the life cycle, especially convince the Product to prioritize the bug and developer to fix it.

Innovation: In Software industry one has to update yourself every day. Innovation is the mantra to survive. As a tester one should need to know the latest technologies, tools available in the market for testing etc.

If you were to select an applicant as Q.A., how would you go about ? 

First round : Logical questions. It tells how fast candidate thinks about the problem.

Second round : Manual testing questions. Give candidate a real time scenario and expect him to cover various positive and negative test cases that shows if he thinks out of the box.

Third round : Probe into Automation framework and also ask analytical and behavioural questions.

Could you brief on the career path for Q.A.? 

QA professionals can move into other areas of the organization, PMs, Scrum master , Build and release engineer etc. They can also build on their testing skills and keep moving up the ladder.

Bug Us: If you have question to Mr. BUGman kindly comment. We would revert at the earliest.

~Happy BUGend~