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Why its important to celebrate Women’s Day?

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I’m writing this article not make men less than women nor to make women better than men. I am writing this to tell you a story that is often unsaid. I have come across several girls/women through training, counselling, book writing (specifically Black, Grey and White & Title is Untitled) who taught me real meaning of several words otherwise they were just part of my dictionary.

Let me start with two important people that I have admired through stories that were often narrated by nun’s in my school. Mary, the mother of Jesus to this time is a model of faithfulness and virtue. She put her aside her fears, doubts and shame to take the role of mother of the Messiah. Similarly Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. Both had only ‘trust’ with them to sail through the challenges. All those selfless nun’s (teachers) who taught me ‘Good’ and knowledge/understanding of ‘Bad’, and that resultant has kept the conscious alive.

My maternal grandmother (her role in helping grandfather in business and managing home) and mother brining up children of her own and helping the other family members/neighours is a day that to remembered.

Dr. Meena R Chandavarkar, woman of substance who always have given a positive motivational dose to each in her life to grow and flourish. Her dedication and selfless attitude has given me Hope to my life.

Editor’s (Rajashree, Parul, Jyothi B, Dr. Bhagyashree), Book Interior Designer, Cover Page and reviewer’s (Maniparna, Jaysree, Satya, Parul, Shilpa and others) of my book are mostly women who have helped me to evolve as a better writer. I thank them all for having faith on me.

All those women who came forward to give their stories for books (Black, Grey and White & Title is Untitled) to tell the truth and bring awareness, I salute them on Women’s day & finally all the girl students who have taken step to step out of the house to study and stand on own feet are to remembered today.

This journey of meeting across women as a teacher, friend, student, mentor and others have shown me that woman is –

Faithful & Trustworthy, Gracious, Helpful, Kindhearted, Generous, Submissive, Respectful, Wise and Beautiful. 

I take this opportunity to salute and thank all those who have helped me to sail through with a Hope. I wish you a #Happy Women’s Day#

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