In conversation with Yuvaraj – Actor of Kademane Movie

In Episode 9, Santa Santosh Avvannavar is in conversation with Naveen Golden (Yuvaraj) Actor of Kannada movie, Kademane-ಕಡೆಮನೆ. In light conversation Yuvaraj shares his experience part of Kademane movie and his future plans. The movie is slated to release in Nov 2019.

Kademane-ಕಡೆಮನೆ is expected to tickle and send chills down (one’s) spine as it is horror-comedy genre. Do share your review on watching the movie!

Link to the interview:

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Harvard alumni & InStem team honoured with Gandhian Young Technological Award by Vice President of India

Conversation with Dr Praveen Kumar Vemula Harvard Medical School alumni and Scientist at InStem Bengaluru on being honoured with Gandhian Young Technological Award by Vice President of India

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