GATE Study Circle Batch-I


9 thoughts on “GATE Study Circle Batch-I

  1. I am interested to join GATE coaching. Would you please let me know the best way to prepare for GATE? If self study, which is the best book? And if coaching, how and when should I go about it?

  2. I need to prepare for GATE 2013. I haven’t started yet. I want to know whether coaching is a good option or self study. If you advice me to join a coaching centre, which is the best? And if your advice is self study, which book should I buy to prepare for GATE? Also please mention if there are any alternatives.

    Branch : Industrial Engineer and Management (Industrial Production for GATE).

    1. We are not sure if there is any training institute at Tumkur. The ACE Academy is popular and it is in Hyderabad. We are not sure about ‘The Gate Academy’ or ‘Career Launcher’. You may check with their database and talk to students about their sessions. We hope this information helps you.

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